|| chapter 1 ||

"Melanie!! Wake Up!"

"What for?" I yelled back.

"You wanna miss your plane?"

"Oh my god! I forgot all about my plane! I'll be right down Mom!" I yelled and jumped out of bed. Today was my big day! After months of waiting the day had finally come! I was going to be a Backstreet dancer. Everything was packed and in the car so all I had to do was shower and eat. I jumped into the shower and washed my hair. 10 minutes later I came out wearing the outfit I had laid out the night before. I quickly put my hair up in a ponytail and hurriedly went downstairs.

"It took you long enough."

"Well sorry to keep you waiting. I was extremely tired this morning. I was way too excited last night to sleep. I didn't fall asleep to like 3 last night."

"It's quite understandable dear. It happens to us once in a while where we get all worked up and excited but it always turns out to be a big mess."

"Mom, listen this is going to turn out just fine! I'm meeting my five favorite guys! How is that going to be a mess?"

"I don't know. Here eat and we're on our way."

I nodded my head and ate my breakfast in silence. After my breakfast we were on our way.

OK! Hold it right there.

Let me tell you some facts about myself. I live in New York with my Mom, Stephanie. I'm an only child. My father died 2 years ago due to a heart attack. I'm a 17-year old high school graduate and am totally in love with the Backstreet Boys. A couple of months ago, my best friend Tina brought be to a dance audition to be a Backstreet Dancer.

~*FlashBack to May 1999*~

"C'mon Mel!"

"I'm hurrying. What more do you want?"

"Well I want to get there."

"Tina. We're 30 minutes early."

"I guess so but still I want to get there."

"We're here already."

"Welcome girls. Are you here for the audition?"

"Yes sir."

"Alright. Go down that hall and turn right. You should see these big doors. Just go right in and make yourself comfortable."

"OK, Thank you."

"You're welcome and Good Luck!"

"Thanks again."

Tina and I followed the man's directions and in an hour or so we were onstage doing our dance routines. After all the dancers finished we sat and waited for Fatima Robinson (the boys' cheorgrapher) to announce the new dancers.

"May I have your attention please?" The crowd grew quiet and all eyes were on Fatima. "First of all I want to thank you for coming out. You guys were wonderful but unfortunately I am able to pick only 5 people. Those 5 people will be our new dancers. You all have so much talent and it was hard for me to pick. If you didn't get picked there's always next time. OK here are the lucky 5 people..... Vanessa McKain, Jenni Andrade, Tina Mitchell, Amanda Turner, and last but not least Melanie Williams. Congrats."

"Oh my god Melanie! We made it!"

"I know! This is awesome!"

~*End Flashback*~

And that was how it all began. Tina and I were off today. It was all exciting. I keep thinking that this is all a dream!

"We're here."

"OK then! Let's go."

My mom and I dropped off my baggage and we went to my gate. At the gate was Tina and her family.

"Hey Teens!"

"Hey Mel!"

I can't believe this is happening! It's gone by so fast."

"I know. Hold on a sec so I can say bye to my mom and I'll see you on the plane OK?"

"OK. See you there." She said and headed back to her family. I walked back to where my mom was standing.

"I'm gonna miss you sweetie."

"I will too. But Mom, I'm 17 turning 18. You need to stop babying me!"

"I know. But..."

"There are no buts. I'm old enough to take care of myself."

"I know sweetie, I know."

"Last call for flight 187."

"That's my flight. I gotta go Mom. I promise I'll call when I get there."

"You better!" I gave her one last hug and left.

As I boarded the plane I thought,'This is it. This is your once in a lifetime chance! This going to be an awesome trip!'