|| chapter 6 ||

"Bye Mom," Nick and I said waving. Aaron would join us again once he finished his new cd. Once we got to where the buses were parked, Nick said, "You know Dani' you are the best little sister."

"Nick you are just a big suck up," I said before getting out of his car and running to the buses.

"Dani' there you are!" Craig said hugging me.

"I'll get you for that!" I heard Nick yell from outside the door so I used Craig as a human sheild and when Nick ran onto the bus I said, "Get through my boyfriend, Suckup."

"WHAT?" Nick said suddenly serious.

"Nick, calm down, you knew about that before." I said knowing Nick was about to blow his top.

"It's true Nick, you did know?" Kevin said trying to calm Nick down.

"That was before I knew she was my sister." Nick said.

"Nick, Craig and I have been going out for six months and you can't break us up," I said wrapping my arms around Craig.

"I can and I will from this moment on, Craig, of I catch you so much as looking at my sister you will be kicked off this tour and same goes for you, if I catch you looking at him he will be kicked off the tour," Nick said.

"Nick you..." Kevin said.

"Kevin, what would you do if she were your sister?" Nick said still glaring at Craig, but I raen off crying.