|| chapter 5 ||

"Hey you Canadians have to be on stage in five." A stage maneger yelled into the room before running off.

"Well I guess the world will know in a few minutes huh Nick." I said reffering to who my real parents were.

"Yah I guess, take it easy sis." He said as I walked over to the side of the stage where I would enter, I was shaking with anticipation.

"Yo what's up Edmonton?!" the announcer said into the mic "I'm Chad 'the pog' Martin from power 92 here in town and here is Canadian Youth Alive!"

"YO!!!! I'm Danielle Carter!" I yelled surprising everyone, exept for the singers (AN: Danielle's just as hyper as Nick sometimes but I can be alot like Kevin, too).

"I'm Baylee so Dani' ain't it nice to be in CANADA!!!!!" Baylee said grinning from ear to ear (she's alot like Kevin but she can be really hyper too).

"I'm Andy and boy does this crowd look dead tonight." He commented (Andy acts like Nick but looks like Brian).

"Angel speaking so what's up CANADA!?" she yelled running on stage with the rest of us, well most of us but I hopped of course (Angel, in two words, Female Howie).

"This is JD, Craig get out here!" JD yelled.

Craig followed him and yelled "I'm Craig!" (AN: JD has the same personality as Kevin but totally looks like AJ and Craig lookes like AJ but he doesn't have any tatoos and doesn't constantly wear sunglasses his attitude is like Brian's oh and JD has only one tatoo).

***One Week Later***

We were in LA for a quick break before spending some time in the states and I finally got to meet my real mom. Mrs.Carter was surprised when I gave her a hug right away but quickly got over the shock and got Angel C. to show me to the room they had set aside for me. (AN I'll type Angel for my friend Angel and Angel C. for Angel Carter.) Angel and I became as close of sisters as if I had never left but it would be harder for BJ and Leslie to get along with me.