|| chapter 4 ||

We were waiting in the bus for the guys and when they got to the bus AJ resembled me when I had been shopping all day, AJ had let a few fans sign his cast but not too many, one said 'Howie call me my number is 555-7586 KARA' AJ had let me sign first just as I had with him and AJ had made a show of letting the others sign his cast on the show unlike me who had let a few fans sign their names and a short message but none were crazy like AJ's were.


"I hate needles." I whined to Nick as we looked for an empty room, we looked into one room and saw the tour manager arguing with AJ about him flying in.

"It'll be fine." Nick reasured me as we found an empty room and went in followed by the nurse who would take our blood for testing. She took the blood from Nick first then moved over to me (with a clean needle) and drew some from my arm and left.

"Was that so bad?" Nick asked putting a band-aid on my arm.

"I guess not really." I replied getting up and walking out behind him to where we all would pray before the concert.

After praying I hopped on stage and yelled, "Hey I'm Danielle!"

Then JD ran on stage and yelled, "Yo! Whazzzuuuuup this is JD!"

"This is Ange'" (A.N. Ange rhymes with range) Angel yelled running on stage, too.

"Yo! Yo! What's up this is Andy D." Andrew yelled.

"Hey I'm Baylee!" she yelled as she was pushed on stage.

"I'm Craig and we're Canadian Youth Alive!" He yelled folllowing Baylee on stage.


"Yah ok thank you" Nick said "Bye" he hung up the phone and spun me around "Dunull."


"Don't call me that" Nick said.

"Ok but we have to tell everyone."

"Tell everyone what?" Craig asked from the door way.