|| chapter 3 ||

"Dani, wake up we have an interveiw in fourty-five minutes and you should clean your bunk cause the interview will be on the bus." Baylee yelled and I hit my head I had been laying on my back.

"Baylee you are really rude you know that what with waking her up like that you could have been hit very hard." I heard Angel say so I jumped off my bunk and landed on my feet and I punched Baylee as hard as I could before jumping back up and putting my N'sync CD away so no one would see it.

"You are rude Baylee." I said as I got back down off my bunk that housed my stuff and believe me I had a lot of stuff so it was amazing how little I felt my clusaphobia creep up on me, camping on a school bus as a kid can do that yah know (A.N. yes my dad did turn a school bus into a camper with the help of his Dad)these bunks were a little bigger than the one in my camper without the stuff.

"SHUT UP!" AJ screamed from his bunk since we were in Toronto and he and I both hated Toronto, and for good reasons too.

"How about you go play basketball with Nick and Brian or shopping with Howie or better yet horseback riding with Kev." Baylee said bugging him.

"Because he and I will both be injured if we leave the bus today." I said just as afraid of getting hurt as AJ was.

"Whatever." Baylee said annoyingly.

"Rick welcome to our humble home." I said leading him to the kitchen area.

"Hey let's see well we were given permission by the managers to see the bunks."

"Yah everyone else is waiting but they want me to get hurt today, just for the fun of it." I said leading Rick towards the bunks and he motioned to the camara man that the camara should be turned on.

"Who's bunk is who's?" Rick asked glancing in Aaron's bunk.

"The one that your looking into is Aaron's under that is Nick's the one across from Nick's is AJ's and mine is above his." I said.

"Mine is the one at Dani's feet and Andrew's is below that." Craig said.

"JD has the one across from mine and Baylee's is above that." Andrew said.

"In order from bottom left to top left to right bottom to top right is Me, Kevin, Brian, Howie." Angel said.

"Cool." Rick said walking ahead of us to the entertainment room and I whispered to Baylee.

"Someone did clean up Nick's Nintendo right?"

"Yah." she whispered back as we walked into the entertainment room.

As we all sat down Rick asked, "Has anyone been hit accidentally or on purpose by a backstreet?"

"Yes." Craig said.


"Yah Nick stepped on my head because I fell off my bunk and he was just getting up."

"That's why he sleeps with his head on the other end of his bunk, so if he falls again Nick won't step on his head again."

"Really. Rumer has it that some of you are adopted is it true?"

"Yes." Baylee said imediatly and I looked at Andrew and he mouthed 'I didn't tell her' then Baylee added "I am."

"So am I." Angel and I said at the same time then we started laughing.

"Will you guys sing us something before we go please?" Rick asked.

"Sure, we should sing All day." JD said and we all agreed quickly and Craig and I got our keyboard sets. He had his on the keyboard tone but I did the guitar part and JD would just clap the beat for us and as soon as we finished Rick and the camera man left and after two or three minutes of just sitting around the rest of the group went off to do their own thing till it was time to leave for the YTV studios.

"Dani?" AJ asked from the doorway to the entertainment room.

"What?" I asked.

"Can you get us some McDonald's please?"

"Creig should." I said (A.N. Craig is in the band and Creig is my body guard and they are two different people)

"YAY!!!" AJ said, we both love McDonald's.

"HEY CREIG, would you run and get AJ and I some real food?" I yelled knowing he knew what I meant.

"Sure, the regular?"

"Yah." I said before going back in the bus. Twenty Minutes later there was a knock on the door and both AJ and I jumped from our bunks and I beat him to the door and threw it open and when AJ got there he couldn't stop and knocked us out of the bus and I heard somthing crack before the pain hit me. It was a shooting pain not just a steady one. "Oh man and to think you both have to be somewhere in an hour." Creig said helping first AJ and then me to the car he had just gotten out of then adding the bag of McDonald's that AJ and I dug right into while we waited for AJ's body guard, we would be followed by some security guards for guarding wherever we had to be so five minutes later when we pulled up in front of the hospital Creig and Q (AJ's body guard) helped each of us inside and we were brought into the ex-ray room and then into another room to wait.

Two minutes later a docter and and intern came in looking at some ex-rays and the docter said "You both broke your legs like you figured but Danielle." the docter said that after glancing at the chart "Your leg was crushed from the combined weight of you and Alexander."

"Thanx but we both have to be somewhere in like thirty minutes and need you to hurry up." I said.

"Fine Nicole you do Mr. Mclean's cast and I'll do Danielle's." the docter said picking up the things he needed for my cast. As soon as he finished and the cast had dried twenty-five minutes later AJ and I grabbed our crutches and together hopped out of the hospital into seperate cars to be taken to the different studios. As soon as we were out of sight of the hospital my body guard passed the tylonal that I had to take every five hours, by docter's orders, back to me and I took it quickly and by the time we got to the YTV studio I just wanted to get this inteview overwith. I hopped into the studio's green room and got my neccesary makeup done in record time so I went out with the rest of the group who had been asking me questions to no end but as soon as we got called out we started our welcome and I came out first and then the rest of them came after me.

"What happened to you?" Exan asked as I came out.

"Well I want to add something to a question we were asked earlier by Much Music. AJ attacked me trying to get at our McDonald's and we both have casts on now and all he had to say for himself was Toronto's curse and right now I'm agreeing with him, I figured I wouldn't get hurt if I was careful but no AJ and I just have to get hurt at the same time."

"Oh. In that interveiw you girls all said you were adopted do any of you think you know who your real family is?"

"I have my suspicians." Baylee, Angel and I said all at the same time and we burst out laughing.

"Who do you think your families are?"

"We have decided not to tell everyone who might be in our families." I said.