|| chapter 2 ||

After we signed the contract, Nick, AJ, Kevin, Brian, and Howie were called in we were introduced to them and told the tour would start in two months, just enough time to get a CD out. And the boys had to start on their new CD but they would wait till after the Black and Blue promotional tour to start recording.

***Two Months later on tour***

'"Mommy" the blonde boy screamed but I couldn't watch this dream again it was always there just out of memory when I was awake and to close when I slept so I only slept when no one was around and if I slept around people they heard me talking and thought I had problems. As soon as I woke up completely the only thing I remembered was that I had a dream but the picture of the boy was planted in front of my eyes and I recognized him now that I saw the boy when I was awake. The boy looked like Nick so I logged on to their old site because thier new one didn't have old pictures of them and it also didn't have biographies on them and that was one thing I needed right now. I first went and looked up a picture of Nick when he was about two years old, it was the same boy standing in a familiar living room so I called Nick over and asked "Do you have any other pictures of this living room?"

"No, my mom threw all those out but this one I had hidden in my room when I was two becouse I wanted to remember that house. We moved three weeks later and I kept the picture with me all these years and when it started to get to worn I scanned it fixed it up and posted it on the site."

"I regognize this living room from somewhere but I'm not sure where." I said rubbing my hand down my face the way I always did when I was tired.

"Well I don't know where you saw it before, I just put it on the old site the day before they put the new one up." Nick said turning and wandering towards the entertainment room in a daze.

***In the entertainment room***

"Nick you look dazed." Kevin said.

"Yah what's up?" AJ asked.

"I don't know." Nick said still a little bit confused about what happened. Nick turned around and walked right back out of the room.

"I'll go see what's up." Brian said getting the hint when everyone stopped talking and looked at him. Brian got up and walked into the area with the bunks, "Nick buddy what's up?" Brian asked as he walked to Nick's bunk and sat down.

"I'm just so confused." Nick replied rubbing his hand down his face just as I had done before. "One minute she's all happy and the next she's depressed. I have to find out what's up with her." Nick fretted.

"Who are you talking about?" Brian asked.

"Dani she's just so nice and I can't help but worry about her."

"Nick what's really bothering you? You wouldn't have been in a daze earlier if that was all you were worried about." Brian pointed out.

"She found the picture of me in the living room my sister and I were in when she was kidnapped and recognized it."

"You think it could be her?" Brian asked. He was the only one of the guys Nick had trusted his secret to.

"Man she's not even adopted so how could she be my sister." Nick said.

"Hey guys whatcha talking about?" Angel (not Carter) said from behind Brian.

"Oh nothing much but maybe you could help us with something." Brian asked.

"Sure what's up?" she asked.

"Well we were wondering if you knew whether or not Danielle is adopted?" Brian spoke up.

"I don't think so but there is alot she wouldn't talk to me or Baylee about but if you were to ask Andy or Craig they might know." Angel said turning and walking into the entertainment room and Nick and Brian heard her say "Craig, Andy, Nick and Brian want to talk to you."

Two minutes later Craig and Andrew walked up and said "What's up?"

"We were talking and we were wondering for personal reasons if Danielle was adopted and we figured you might know." Nick said.

"Not that I know of." Andrew and Craig said at the same time looking at each other in confusion.

"Thanks and if you want you can all go back into the entertainment room." Nick said disapointed but he had come up with a plan that he would put into action at the next concert but he had to talk to the sound technicions about doing him a favour. Craig and Brian left imediatly but Andrew stayed and said "I didn't want to tell the other two this but I do know more about Danielle than anyone thinks I do, I know that when she gets in one of her sad moods it's usually in late December or early January because she found out something in January two years ago that she only told me andit broke her heart just to tell me but I still can't tell you, she'll have to tell you in her own time."

"Ok thanks for the information about her, what you could tell me any way?" Nick said getting up and walking to the entertainment room.

"No problem." Andrew said smiling "Danielle can I talk to to please?" he added as they walked into the room the rest of the group was in.

"Sure Andy." I replied.

"Dani, Nick asked me about something and I knew the answer but I lied for your sake but I did tell him you had a secret you had only told me and probably wouldn't tell him but I think you should tell him the secret."

"I know but it hurts so much to think about the fact my real mom just dropped me in a parking lot when I was one."

"I know it hurts but I think if you told him it would be a lighter burden for you to carry by yourself."

"I know but what about the fact he can't keep a secret to save his life?" I asked.

"Dani, Girl just tell him if he wants to talk about it to someone he can talk to me as well as you right?"

"Yah you're right I'll talk to him after tomorrow's concert and I'm going to bed." I said rubbing my face with my hand.

"Night Dani." Andy said.

"Night, Andy say goodnight to everyone else for me please."

"Ok I will." he replied walking back to the entertainment room and I layed down but couldn't stop thinking about finally telling someone about my problem finally twenty minutes later I drifted off.

***the next night at the concert***

As soon as the boys started to leave the stage after the last encore Andy nodded a nod of encouragement, but Nick didn't leave the stage right away instead he stayed and said with tears in his eyes "Eighteen years ago today my little sister was kidnapped. Her name was Danielle and I called her Dunno because I couldn't say her name right and she was kidnapped just two days before her first birthday, my mom and I still celebrate her birthday for hope that she might come back to us someday." I could tell he was crying harder than anyone would have thought but he still continued. "I lost sight of the dream I had to find her with the excitement of the group and all but I just want to say whoever you are don't lose sight of your dreams because my little sister is still out there somewhere and I never found her." Nick finished leaving the stage and I walked up to him and told him my secret. "You were adopted two days after my sister was kidnapped and you had been found in a Walmart parking lot the same day she was kidnapped to be precise exatly how much time it would take to get from New York to Edmonton Walmart whoa," Nick said blown away.

"And that dream I've been having with you in it can't be a coincedence either." I said and we talked for three more hours making plans for a paternity test that his parents didn't even need to know about all the people needed was a sample of each of our blood but if it wasn't proven we were related we could still see if I was related to him but his parents would need to know and we didn't want that unless absolutly necessary but on the other hand if the test came out positive then we were related, there would be no doubt about it.