|| chapter 1 ||

I pushed the last demo tape package into the mailbox while hoping we would get signed by one of the companies. "Let's practice for a while before going to Baylee's house." I said to the the other keyboarder and also the one person that taught me how to play the keyboard last year.

"I don't know is your mom there?" Craig asked looking at the house as he took off his hat to scratch his head.

"No I told her I was going to attempt to save the people and she went over to Brenda's with the excuse she hadn't seen her in a week."

"Oh well lets go. I thinkg I could use the practice since we don't play those songs for Thursday afternoons." Craig replied as we walked into my house, I picked up some music sheets I had left on the table before leaving to get the mail and drop off the tapes. We went in to the basement and while Craig set up his keyboard I started with all day knowing that was a good song to warm up with.

"We should start on save the people." Craig said knowing I would probably get the song right on the first or second try.

"Ok we'll try that then." I said smiling knowing very well I could play it now without trouble because I had been practicing all week.


"Let's get going we have to be at Baylee's in a couple minuites." Craig said and just then the phone rang and I picked it up and with false cheerfulness said "Hello?"

"Hi I was wondering if Danielle Burris was there?" the guy on the other end said.

"Speaking" I replied.

"Good I just called to tell you that my record label Jive wants to sign your group."

"How can that be we just sent the tapes half an hour ago" I said seriously confused.

"Oh joy Kevin told me to call earlier oh well too late now all I have to say is that there are six tickets waiting at the airport. You fly out in three days, on Saturday morning." the guy said "Oh and by the way the label is Jive, a representative will meet you at the airport there and then fly with you down here."

"What's the representatives name?" I asked.

"Aaron he's probably the shortest smartest blonde you'll ever meet."

"Suck up." I heard a voice in the background say.

"Bri shut up, oh and you've probably seen him at your youth group in the last week or two because he is on break right now."

"The only blonde that has been coming has the name Anikin so we can tell he has some strange family."

"My little brother lies alot so on friday just make a 'mistake' and call him Aaron."

"Sorry and I will but I have to go now because we were just about to leave for Baylee's and thanx I was wondering why he turned around everytime I said Aaron, bye."

"Bye." he said before hanging up.

***friday night before youth***

"Aaron your brother called me yesterday and I figured I'd tell you he says your smart and Brian says he's just a suck up."

"Well the suck up part is true and I'm guessing that because he called that means you got the deal."

"Yup oh and he also said that you're a liar." I added then realizing their were lots of people around now. "Anikin Carter or is that skywalker." I laughed.

"Puhleaze, you aren't that funny."

"Yes I am." I retorted and then he realized all my friends had laughed at my joke as well and he glared at me. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." I mumbled as he walked in to the main room.

***on the plane***

I decided bugging Aaron wasn't the best thing to do this morning so as soon as the plane had took off I took off my seatbelt and started grossing my friends out by bending into the strangest positions and after awhile Aaron turned around and started right in trying to outdo my flexibility. After awile the stewardesses had come to see why we were laughing so hard and I had both of my feet behind my head and Aaron had one there but couldn't quite get the other back there (Auther's note: I only know one person that can get their feet behind their head but for the sake of this story it is possible for more than one person)"Aaron you are crazy you'll hurt yourself like that!" I laughed pulling my feet in front of me as our breakfast showed up and as we ate Aaron and I laughed about everything we could think of that was funny.

***In Flordia at Jive record studios***

"Ahh there you are come in we just need to discuss your contract before you meet the people you will be touring with."