|| chapter 4 ||


Honey4BSB: hey!
partyitUP2000: hi
partyitUP2000: wuts up?
Honey4BSB: nothin, u?
Honey4BSB: my friend is here, she says hi:)
partyitUP2000: n/h, hi to her too;)
Honey4BSB: her name is Emily
partyitUP2000: hi, im Aaron
Honey4BSB: she nos, i told her, LOL
partyitUP2000: so wut r u 2 doin?
Honey4BSB: Emily: well we WERE annoying David, LOL
Honey4BSB: Heather: but now we're just hangin out in chatrooms and waiting for Em's boyfriend to come online:P
partyitUP2000: cool. im just chillin at home. im really bored.
Honey4BSB: o...well we can fix that! LOL, hmmm...
partyitUP2000: hmmm wut?
Honey4BSB: we're thinkin of how to make you not bored:P
Honey4BSB: Heather: BRB, i realllly gotta pee! LOL
Honey4BSB: Emily: ok, just me now for like an hour! j/k, don't tell Heath I said that! LOL. so u got any plans for this weekend?
partyitUP2000: yeah, I have to leave for Europe on Sunday
Honey4BSB: woah, wut the fuck? is it for vacation? no offense, but this aint really the time to go on vacation, especially to Europe
partyitUP2000: well it's not vacation...um, i dont really no how to explain it...its just for a few months...im gonna be, um, touring it
Honey4BSB: well wutever, i wouldnt wanna be you. heres heather...shes back...
Honey4BSB: Heather: wut did she say to you?
partyitUP2000: nothing, we just talked and stuff
Honey4BSB: Heather: um, ok.
partyitUP2000: well wutever. wut do ya wanna talk about?
Honey4BSB: i dunno
Honey4BSB: *we dunno, LOL
Honey4BSB: Emily: how about sex, i love sex!
Honey4BSB: Heather: EMILY!!!
Honey4BSB: wut?! i was J/K! hehehe...
Honey4BSB: Heather: ignore her please
partyitUP2000: LOL, okay.
Honey4BSB: Emily: have you ever done/tried drugs or anyhting illegal like that?
partyitUP2000: y?
Honey4BSB: j/w
partyitUP2000: no, have u? either of you?
Honey4BSB: nope...only alcohol, but that doesnt count for me (Emily) 'cuz im Italian so I can...hehehe...buts its still illegal! (heather said that last comment!)
partyitUP2000: o.
Honey4BSB: Emily: ahhh! he's on!
Honey4BSB: Heather: oh geeze ...
partyitUP2000: wuts ur b/fs name?
Honey4BSB: his name is Devon and he is sooo fine, lol
partyitUP2000: ok...
Honey4BSB: hey, wanna come in a chatroom with us and him?
partyitUP2000: sure i guess

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Honey4BSB: Heather: hey devon, hey aaron!
ALL4MYEMBABY: hey heath, where's my em? i thought dat she was at yo house 2nite
Honey4BSB: Emily: dont worry, im here babe!
ALL4MYEMBABY: yo, who dis other dude?
partyitUP2000: im aaron
ALL4MYEMBABY: coo, word up man
Honey4BSB: Heather: so wut u guys want to talk about?
ALL4MYEMBABY: u no wut i want to talk about heath
Honey4BSB: Heather: um, yeah I do & dats kinda scary, LOL
ALL4MYEMBABY: ahh sh*t, my sis is home!
Honey4BSB: Emily: Melanie or Bianca? or Chad lol
ALL4MYEMBABY: Chad...j/k. Bianca. I'll BRB in like 10 mins...PEACE OOOOOUT
Honey4BSB: hey! aquila's on!
partyitUP2000: whos aquila?
Honey4BSB: another 1 of our friends...u dont mind if we invite her rite?
partyitUP2000: go ahead
Honey4BSB: hey aquila!
JadeBallOOn: hey heath, is em @ ur house? & who is that otger person in here?
JadeBallOOn: *other
Honey4BSB: thats aaron, say hi...this is aquila aaron
JadeBallOOn: hey aaron;)
partyitUP2000: hey:)
ALL4MYEMBABY: i is back now sweets!
JadeBallOOn: oh no...
JadeBallOOn: im outta here.. .bye heath, ems, nice 2 meet u aaron...f*ck u devon
partyitUP2000: i take it u 2 dont get along 2 well?
ALL4MYEMBABY: omg, i cant stand that girl! she is such a dumb@$$!
Honey4BSB: shut-up dev, shes nice
ALL4MYEMBABY: yeah, yeah, sure, sure
ALL4MYEMBABY: well i talk to ya later ems:*...bye heath...bye aaron
Honey4BSB: well i guess its just us 3! lol
partyitUP2000: correction : u 2...sry heather, but my mom needs this line...ill take 2 u later, bye!
Honey4BSB: bye!
Honey4BSB: Emily: nice ta meet ya! bye!
partyitUP2000: u 2 Emily, bye!

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