|| chapter 3 ||

partyitUP2000: hey, wuz^?
Honey4BSB: nm...i cant talk too long cuz my bro needs to do a report
partyitUP2000: ok. nm here either. im so bored.
Honey4BSB: yeah, me too. my friend is coming over to spend the night. ill get her online wit me and she can meet you.
partyitUP2000: cool. so how school? im assuming u go to school right?
Honey4BSB: yeah, i do. LOL.
Honey4BSB: it was ok...there was a big fight in the lunch room though. my ex-b/f was beating up some guy who was dissing me. it was so funny! so how was ur day?
partyitUP2000: LOL. it was okay. i get, um, homeschooled though so nothing cool really happens around here. its so boring.
Honey4BSB: oh.
Honey4BSB: my neighbor is homeschooled. he is really nice. i used to b in luv wit him until he dumped my best friend cuz she was "too blonde"
partyitUP2000: geeze, he sounds like an ass
Honey4BSB: yeah, well he is. so wuts homeschooling like? do u have a lot of friends that r/rnt homeschooled?
partyitUP2000: i used to... but now i only have a few...
Honey4BSB: y only a few? wut happened to the rest of them?
partyitUP2000: they only liked me for my money...
Honey4BSB: y? r u rich? so THATs y ur homeschooled. ur so lucky!
Honey4BSB: u suck! j/k
partyitUP2000: i guess u could put it that way...well...i dont really like this topic...wut else is there to talk about?
Honey4BSB: hmm...well, nothing now cuz my bro is gonna kick my ass if i dont get off the computer! he says im on it too much! LOL. me? on the computer too much?! HA! yeah right! LOL. well, ive g2g! talk to ya...later? tomorrow? no! TONIGHT! be on at 8! bye:*)
partyitUP2000: ok, bye!