|| chapter 1 ||

|| if you don't know what any of the "computer words" are, such as LOL, then e-mail me with what ya' want to know and I can tell you ||

partyitUP2000: hey, wanna chat?
Honey4BSB: sure, hi
Honey4BSB: a/s?
partyitUP2000: well...12...almost 13/m...u?
Honey4BSB: 14/f
Honey4BSB: got a pic?
partyitUP2000: nah, u?
Honey4BSB: nope...well wutcha look like then?
partyitUP2000: spiked blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'
Honey4BSB: awesome...you sound so hott...i luv blonde guys ;)
partyitUP2000: thanks
partyitUP2000: how 'bout u? wut do ya' look like?
Honey4BSB: shoulder-length light brown hair with blonde highlights, hazel eyes, and about 5'...2"? yeah, that sounds rite...LOL
partyitUP2000: sweet. you must have like every guy hanging all over u
Honey4BSB: nah, not really... do u have a g/f?
partyitUP2000: no, got a man?
Honey4BSB: not any more. i dumped his sorry ass 2 days ago
partyitUP2000: y? say... what's u'r name any ways?
Honey4BSB: cuz he was just a jerk. period. my name's heather, how bout u?
Honey4BSB: hello? u there???
Honey4BSB: ?!?!?!
partyitUP2000: yeah.
partyitUP2000: sorry, my sisters were annoying me.
partyitUP2000: well listen - i'll have ta' talk tomorrow...i g2g...bye;)
Honey4BSB: bye :*)
Honey4bsb: wait - what's ur name?
partyitUP2000: aaron