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07/07/03 - Changes:  New skill has been added! Increased security. Using this skill will protect your bank from being robbed. You can upgrade it in the Skill Training page.

07/01/03 - Announcements:  Round 9 has started!  The prize this month is your choice of a portable DVD player, X-Box, or $200 cash!  Updates:  We have added a new skill for all classes that gives you a chance to steal money from the bank of the player you are attacking.  We have called this skill "Bank Robbery" and renamed the former Bank Robbery skill to "Bomb Scare".  The rankings page now shows bank account balance for each player.  Max ranks of some skills have been raised.  You can now use any skill level you have trained in (using lower levels will use less attack turns).  Items will now only count 50% towards your net worth (cash laying around is easier to steal then items).  You can now increase the length of your Attack Log in the Point Store.  Attack turns available has been capped at 2,000 (you may never have more then 2,000 un-used attack turns).  If you do not login to your Role-playing League character for more then 30 days, you will receive an inactive warning email, if you do not respond to this email, your account will be deleted.  Players who have purchased points from the point store will never be deleted.  The % you get back from selling items has been reduced.  Special Thanks: We would like to say thank you to Larysia and the rest of the of forum staff.  We appreciate the hard work you have put forth to keep the site functioning properly, your help is greatly appreciated, and does not go unnoticed.

At you can create a monster, a gangster, or a pop star and build their fame, power, and riches. Once you create your character, you build them by getting friends to click your secret link. The more people you get to click the link, the more money your character will generate. Attack other players for money, band together with friend, even gamble at the casino.  The players with the most money at the end of the game win, this is an all out war!

The current game started on Tuesday, July 1 and will end Thursday, July 31 at 12 Midnight.

Tallest Monster
1. Marilla4,476 feet
2. countissa4,470 feet
3. DaBigPappa4,266 feet
4. theeliteassassin3,863 feet
5. NeRx3,732 feet
Richest Monster
1. Dominance$1,572,915
2. theeliteassassin$1,514,347
3. Malitic$1,511,625
4. TokeBeast$1,406,327
5. DaBigPappa$1,403,695
Most Notorious Gangster
1. SickMaaFaka5,488 gangsters
2. Nazareth4,839 gangsters
3. Ayyildiz4,710 gangsters
4. Don_MakeVeli_4174,174 gangsters
5. Meyer Lansky4,133 gangsters
Richest Gangster
1. Aznkid793$2,522,920
2. xBeezyLocx$1,929,486
3. xyEEtx$1,927,170
4. Protege$1,916,207
5. ButtBuddys$1,884,298
Most Popular Pop Star
1. ilmm4life4,416 fans
2. DoOd4,308 fans
3. LiLrT8174,282 fans
4. M4TT3,786 fans
5. vexedboxa3,736 fans
Richest Pop Star
1. bkzfinest$1,633,875
2. aichde$1,573,347
3. M4TT$1,554,554
4. DeltaBlighter$1,435,809
5. BullsEye$1,324,941
Largest Crew
1. The Brood Swarm240 members
2. Street Punks151 members
3. ~Retards ~ Reborn ~113 members
4. -HoMiEs-112 members
5. Red Beam Team85 members
Most Powerful Crew
1. .:Oblivious:.178,806 power
2. //x.revolution//167,673 power
3. Organized_Chaos103,490 power
4. Street Punks86,348 power
5. Killa Klown Thugs77,113 power
Largest Crew (RP)
1. Shadow of Enigma Training1889 members
2. VeNDeTtA CoUnCiL AcADeMy1110 members
3. --Soldiers of HALO[RP]--813 members
4. VeNDeTtA CoUnCiL UnIt781 members
5. S.W.A.T. [RP] Elite779 members
Most Powerful Crew (RP)
1. VeNDeTtA CoUnCiL[RP]3,232,076 power
2. Heaven And Earth [RP]2,512,794 power
3. The Iron Hand [RB]2,226,857 power
4. VeNDeTtA CoUnCiL AcADeMy2,226,056 power
5. MAximus[BR00D)1,351,644 power
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