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Thursday 04/03/2003


The video has been released now for a couple days. We're getting really good feedback. Seems like everybody likes it. The price is going to be kept at $12, because hell we don't care about money we just wanna spread the goods. Well the news section will probably be closed for a little while other than those x-rays pics since the video is now out there won't be much new news. Well thanks again to everybody who made this possible. We all enjoyed the good times and who knows maybe we'll have a sequel./


The Crew

Sunday 03/30/2003


Ok everybody this is probably the best news yet that we have on here. As I type this The Haggard Team is making the the very first VHS version of 2 Haggard 4 Tv. This is the not the Beta version this is the Final version. This is the version that everybody will get. So we're very close. Like I said before, highest priority is given to those customers who paid first, so they will be receiving a copy within the next few days, and by few i mean FEW. There's a VERY high possibility that the video could be released earlier than scheduled, and once again by earlier i mean ALOT earlier. So my advice to all the hardcore fans who can't wait to get a copy is "PAY NOW!!!" the video is waiting. The team is very excited to have the video completed. It's been 2 years in the making and finally we get to share our experiences with the public, and for a very inexpensive price. The exact time of the film is 1 hour 44 minutes. So for a price of $12 before April 1st and $15 after that it's definately not gunna hurt your pocket book. Similar videos sell for as much as $30 so we can all agree that it's a fair price. Well all I can say other than that is "PAY ASAP!"

In other news, Mike Patch is home today. I stopped by his house to talk to him and couldn't help but notice his blight pink full legged cast. The damn thing sure does stand out. I'm sure by the end of the week it will be enlightened will all sorts of grafitti, including "Fuck You, Mike" and assortments of Penis drawings. Well we all look forward to Mike's speedy recovery but in the meantime its fuckin hilarious. Oh ya and about the X-Ray pics I promised, they'll be on here in a couple days.


The Crew

Wednesday 03/26/2003


The Video Is Finally Done!!!
Thanks to all the people who helped out, and to everybody that made it possible. Thanks to all the cast, crew and everyone on the Haggard Team. All that's left now is the copying, creation of boxes, and distribution. April 15th the video will be out. April 2nd there will be a special viewing for select persons only. We're going to have a drawing effective immediately, to promote the video so anyone can win their very own copy of 2 Haggard 4 Tv. Raffle tickets are free. 2 sign up for this free raffle send your name phone number and a paragraph explaining why you should win a free copy of 2 Haggard 4 Tv to Winner will be selected and announced on April 7th and will receive their free copy the same day. That's 8 days before the scheduled release. So good luck and keep on sendin' in those emails.


The Crew

Tuesday 03/25/2003


Well Mike Patch is coming home later today even though I hear he had a great time annoying the doctors and getting sponge baths and trying to get spooned at the hospital. While on the phone with him yesterday, he informed me that after taking a piss into the bed cup it spilled all over him while it was being removed. We're gunna try to post some pics of his x-rays somewhere on the site. We'll probably have a link of the news sections later this week of them. I guess surgery didn't go as well as planned and they had to put some plates and screws in his leg. Full leg cast, lmao. Can't wait to do some filming with that fucker. in tom race news, he plans on getting some friday/saturday from a girl working at the mall trying to sign people up for home security systems. mike macura still has no job or source of income to pay his phone bills and such. the vibrator that was used for the "when blumpkins attack" skit has turned up missing, we have a few leads on the case.

There are 2 short scenes left to film for the video and we're doing one of them today. The other scene should be filmed later this week. After that the video should be finished by Monday the 1st or Tuesday the 2nd. Then we can start the long task of copying the video onto VHS. Still debating whether or not to make the video on CD or DVD. E-mail us at and let us know if you think we should or not.


The Crew

Sunday 03/23/2003


Worked on the video throughout the week. Editing is almost finished, and we are just adding the final touch-ups. Looks like the total length will be somewhere around 110 minutes. The video will certainly be finished as projected and copies will be distributed on the 15th of April.
Reminder: You have to pay by the 1st of April to receive the video for $12 if not it will be $15.

On another note, we have sad news today. Mike Patch (from such skits as "Thong Raid" and "Horseshoe Haircut") from the 2 Haggard 4 Tv video broke his leg today while snowboarding at Killington Ski Resort. Luckily filming is done so this won't delay the video at all. We haven't gotten many details other than that he was going to fast, fell, and seriously shattered his leg just above the ankle. He's still in the hospital as I type this. The whole Crew wishes Mike a speedy recover.



The Crew

Wednesday 03/19/2003


Orders are being taken for the video. See mike or josh in school, or send an email to, or sit on your ass and don't get one. Cost is $12 if paid before April 1st and its $12 if we are provided w/ a tape to put it on, otherwise its $15 biotch. email orders must provide address, and phone #.



The Crew

Tuesday 03/04/2003


In recent news, Tom Race just received a vasectomy and we wish him to a full recovery! Filming has been on hold temporarily but will resume later this week. Production of the video will also begin late this week. We hope to have it released within 2 months on schedule. It's gonna be a good one! To order/reserve your copy email with your name, phone, email addy, aol sn if available, and we will get back to you when we begin to process orders. Thank You



The Crew