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"God, please let me hit one. I'll tell everybody you did it." Reggie Jackson
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He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Psalm 91
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Volume 2. 2004

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First, I want to thank everyone who helped make the debut issue of the GoodNews a complete success. To be honest, I had some doubts after things did not progress at the same rate that I was used to with our "mainstream" publications. These frustrations left me wondering if this was still worth pursuing. Luckily, after taking the advice of my pastor and praying for patience and guidance, I suddenly found myself receiving daily emails from gifted writers, Christian sports organizations and other religious Internet publishers. Thank you Lord. We've only just begun! The more people that participate - the more we will grow. In other words, this publication will only be as good as the people who read and write it. Much like the lessons of the Bible, word of mouth is the most powerful "marketing" tool of all, so please join us and share with your friends.

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Resided: Capernaum, on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee
Former publican and collector of taxes

The apostle Matthew
, also called Levi, was the son of Alphaeus and the brother of the apostle James the Less, or, James, son of Alphaeus. By profession, Matthew was a tax collector before being called by Jesus to follow Him. Matthew probably remained in the Holy Land, as tradition says, for 15 years and after this, encouraged by the reports of the success of other Christian leaders among the Jews (the Diaspora) and, also, among the Gentiles, he went forth on several missionary journeys. It is certain that he went to Persia and the mysterious area in Persia known as "Ethiopia." It is, also, possible that he traveled to the Ethiopia in Africa as the Roman Catholic tradition indicates and there is, also, a belief that Matthew was martyred in Egypt upon his return from Ethiopia in Africa, but, this, is not certain. There is a tradition which says that Matthew was martyred in Parthia. Matthew was a gifted writer, an ardent disciple and was perhaps the best educated of any of the Twelve Apostles.

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Willie Stargell
Born: March 6, 1940 - Died: April 9, 2001
First Baseman (Captain) Pittsburgh Pirates

Willie Stargell was a devout Christian whose great menacing bat and gentle giant's compassion were the trademarks of his singular 21-year-career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Stargell's impact on the Pirates as a mentor however, was far greater than the production that made him only the 17th player in baseball history to be elected to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. In short, his baseball numbers were dwarfed by his humanity. When a teammate distinguished himself with a clutch hit, heads-up move on the base-paths, or fielding gem, "Pops" Stargell marked the occasion with a gold star ceremony. Soon ballplayers earning $300,000 a year were putting out a little bit extra to get a gold "Stargell Star" and by the end of the 1979 season, the Pirates had the whole country singing "We Are Family," earning enough gold stars to become World Series Champions. Willie later shared the Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year award with fellow Pittsburgher (Steelers) Terry Bradshaw.

Did you know... Only eighteen balls were hit out of Forbes Field in sixty-one years (beginning with Babe Ruth's epic blast on May 25, 1935); Stargell hit seven of them. AND only one player ever hit a ball completely out of Dodger Stadium; Stargell, who incidentally, did it twice.

Career Highlights:
Named to The Sporting News NL All-Star team in 1965, 1966, 1971, 1972
Hit Homeruns in all 13 NL ballparks in 1970 (including Forbes and Three Rivers)
Comeback Player of the Year in 1978
National League Co-MVP 1979 (w/Keith Hernandez)
Playoff & World Series MVP 1979
Sports Illustrated Co-Sportsman of the Year 1979 (w/Terry Bradshaw)
The Sporting News Man of the Year & Major League Player of the Year 1979
Hit 7 homeruns out of Forbes Field (Pittsburgh)
One of two players to ever hit homeruns out of Dodger Stadium (twice)
Named to the All-Star Game 7 times
Hit more HRs than any other player in the 1970's

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