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Terms: cash only, buyers must be willing to come to Stillwater, (I do not ship or deliver), serious inquiries only.

I am still adding items as I come across them in the house, so check back frequently to see if there are any additions. I am not a dealer, just trying to clean out my parent's estate.


Doll chair. All wood, hand-made and decorated with a folk art motif, 22 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide and 11 inches deep. $25. $25.

Caned Victorian style chair. $25.

Caned Victorian style chair. $25.

21" wide, 27" long, 20" tall, one drawer. Good condition. $15.

Four drawer wooden veneer storage/filing cabinet. 4 feet long, 2 feet deep, 30 inches high. $25.

Victorian style sofa. Frame is good, but needs re-upholserting. As is - $75.


About 5000 78 RPM records from classical to popular music. $500 for ALL (must take all).

Twenty-eight of the original 36 mediallions. They are just over 1" in diameter and offered as premiums in the 1960s for buying Shell gasoline products. Missing are Jefferson, Garfield, B. Harrison. F.D. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy and L.B. Johnson. Coins have some oxidation. $5 for all.

Assorted Saratoga ephemera. Saratoga Showbill from 1985 (5.5 x 8.5", 48 pages), two issues of the first Franklin Square Gazette from 1985, advert card for an art exhibition of racing paintings by Roy Miller, a menu card for Professor Moriarty's restaurant (7 x 7"), a booklet of the racing centennial in 1963 (8.5 x 11"), 4 postcards of the Casino in Congress park, 2 postcards of statuary in Congress Park, 1 large post card of a painting of race track spectators, a card depicting the racehorse Diamond with its jockey Dennis Fitzpatrick, a page from the Saratogian newspaper from 1963 about Yaddo and the racetrack centennial, and a program from the harness track from 1979. Pictured are a few of the items. All for $10.

Forty Avon collectibles - mainly from the 70's. Will sell individually or take all for $40.

Collar and cuff box from the days when collars and cuffs didn't come attached to men's shirts. They removed them and stored them in boxes like this. $20 as is.


Large seascape painting. $25.

Pitcher with wildflowers signed Trinité. Print on paper in a metallic frame, 20 x 16". $3.

Little blonde girl. Print on paper in metallic frame. 20 x 16" $5.

Winter sunset (or sunrise), oil on canvas, no frame, 14 x 11". $5.

Left - Flowers in vase. Embroidery in a 12 x 9.5" wood frame. $2. Right - Colonial cannon and flag. Embroidery in a 11 x 9" wood frame. $3.

Left - Sleeping fawn. Print on paper in metallic frame. 9 x 7". $1. Right - Child looking at nest in stump. Print on paper in wood frame. 7 x 5". $1.

Over a dozen assorted size picture frames. Most are wood, 2 are metallic. Take all for $10.


10.5" diameter, no markings.$10.

7.5" diameter marked "ONEIDA USA".$5.

With glass liner. $5.

7" diameter, 6" tall. Marked Wm Rogers & Son. $10.

7" square. $5.

4" tall at lid handle. Marked, but I can't read it. $5.

11.5" long, 6.5" wide. Marked "Britannia Metal Co." $5.

Small silverplated sugar bowl marked "Wm Rogers 625". Tarnished on bottom.$2.


Leaded and footed crystal bowl with etched floral design. Good condition. $10.

Sandwich glass compote in the "Tiara" pattern. Good condition. $5.

Vintage footed candy dish in frosted pink glass, from the 1920s. Good condition, 10 inches tall at lid handle. $25.

Collection of decorative and commemorative plates.

Top left - floral pattern, 9". Top center - "God Bless This Lousy Apartment", 8". Top right - Exotic Birds, 7.7". Bottom left - Colonial Hearth, 10" (has chip on edge). Bottom right - floral pattern, 9.5".

Top far left - New Hampshire - 10". Top middle left - Kentucky The Blue Grass State - 7". Top center right - Arizona - 8". Top far right - Vermont, 7.5". Bottom left - Alabama, 10". Bottom center - Kansas, 10". Bottom right - Kentucky, 10".

Top - God Bless Everyone - Christmas 1975, 9". Bottom left - Christmas 1972, 9". Bottom right - Happy Mother's Day - May 9, 1976, 10".

Left - Haines Falls Methodist Church, Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke. 8". Right - The First Evangelical United Brethern Church, Tyrone, Pennsylvania, 10".

Top left - Washington, D.C., 8". Top center - Curacao Netherlands Antilles, 9". Top right - Silver Springs, 10.5". Bottom left - Chicago, 9". Bottom right - Walt Disney World, 7.5".

Various prices (email for individual prices, bottom markings or any other details), or take all for $20.

Ginger jars and vase. For scale, the blue one farthest left is 8" tall with lid. Marks as shown. The smaller blue does have some damage under the lid. All but damaged piece are $5 each. The damaged item is $2.

Stoneware jug. $5.

Vintage Japanese chocolate set made by the Takito Pottery. The pot is 9" tall at the lid handle, but the spout has been chipped and repaired. There are five 3" tall cups and five saucers, which are in good condition. $25 as is.

Small bowl with fruit motif. $3.

French Limoges pottery compote. $10.

Shell-shaped French Limoges pottery mint/bonbon dish. $5.

Japanese Nippon. $10.

Japanese Nippon footed bowl. $10.

Japanese Noritake bowl. $10.

Decorative tea set. As shown. $5.

Ceramic figurines of a girl feeding geese and a boy with kite, approx. 5 inches tall. Good condition. No marks. $5 for both.

Five 10.5" diameter dinner plates with a vegetable design. $5.


Large assortment of baskets. Various prices or make offer on all.

Wall mirror with attachments, 5.5 x 2ft. $25.

32" tall reflectors. Buy one or both. $1 each.

Large painted plaster plant pots, 12" square at top, 9" square at bottom and 12.5" tall. One has some chips along the top edge, but doesn't affect it. Both for $5.

Mirrored shelf with strawberry decal. 18 inches long, 11 inches wide. $5.

Large concrete garden urn. About 17 inches tall and 12 inches in inside diameter. Was painted white at one time, but the paint has started to flake. There's a large chip in the base but it doesn't effect the stability. $10.

Large styrofoam cooler with metal handles. $3.


Retro GE reel-to-reel magnetic tape recorder (model # TP1150) with two speakers. My dad recorded the Apollo 11 moon landing on this, so it has to be at least 40 years old. Can't guarantee it works - I wouldn't even know how to set it up to test. As is - $10.

Norelco microwave oven Model MCS 7100. External dimensions: 24 inches wide, 15 inches tall, 18 inches deep. Lighted interior. No turntable. Analog controls. Heavy. Works, but needs cleaning. $25.

Samsung microwave Model MW2000U. External dimensions: 18 inches wide, 9 inches tall, 12 inches deep. No turntable. Analog controls. Works, but needs cleaning. $15.

All lamps have been tested and are in working condition. If you don't happen to like the shade that shown with a particular lamp, others are available to from which to choose.

Amber glass (painted) and wood base, harp shade, 31 inches tall. $15.

Purple metallic base, harp shade, 15 inches tall. $5.

Red ceramic base, harp shade, 21 inches tall. $10.

Glass painted cream-green wit marble base, will take clamp-on shade or harp (harp not included), 23 inches tall. $15.

Pink ceramic base with floral design, harp shade, 22 inches tall. $10.

Blue ceramic base, this lamp is in excellent condition, harp shade, 30 inches tall. $20.

Clear pressed glass base, 18" tall with clip-on shade. $5.

Metallic base, clip-on shade, 18 inches tall. $5.

White and clear glass base, clip-on shade, 19 inches tall. $10.

Art Deco style ceramic base in floral motif. Harp shade. About 30" tall. $10.

Wooden base with metallic bottom, glass chimney with slip-over shade, 28 inches tall, $5.


Sixteen pound black ball, black & white bag and size 11 men's bowling shoes. $40 for all.

"Art is Fun" drawing kit from TV artist Conni Gordon. Includes colored pencils, wax stick, markers and paper. Never used. $5.

Make words from letters on cubes. With timer. $3.

Create drawings from stencils that have a textured look. $3.

A game of moral dilemmas. $3.

For up to 6 players. $5.

Make a Million - $2.
Pocket Trivia - three games: TV, Movies & Music - 50 cents each.
Sark Crossword Cards - $1.
Beantown Bingo - 50 cents.
Crossword Lexicon - $1.
Propaganda - $2.
Kan-U-Go - $1.


Twenty magazines from around the American Bicentennial - July 1976. McCall's, American Home, Herald of Holiness, Proceeding of the U.S. Naval Academy, DAY, Legion, VFW Magazine, Time, Retirement Living, The New Yorker, U.S. News and World Report, National Jewish Monthly, Changing Times, Ladies Home Journal, Newsweek, People Weekly, Life, Reader's Digest. $50.


Handbags and purses. $1 & up.

Pet Paws slippers - Adult size 9-10 (large) - for those that want to have "bear" feet. Like new in Denby's box. Would make a great gift. $10.

Cloche hat is small size and like new. Thinsulate gloves still have the hang tag on them and are fairly large for women's gloves (photos not to scale). Hat is $2 and gloves are $3.

Authentic Amish bonnet in pink floral print. Purchased in Lancaster, PA. $5.

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