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Stalin's Secret Genocide: The Ukrainian Famine

From 1932-33, Josef Stalin carried out a genocide on par with any in world history. Between 5 and 10 Million Ukrainians, like the one in the above picture obtained from infoukes, died of starvation, not because of a lack of food, but because of Soviet policies. During this time, the western media stayed quiet, turning the other cheek in order to ensure lucrative trade deals with the fledgling Soviet Union. To this day, the West remains quiet about the famine, choosing instead to discuss the Holocaust, which killed roughly the same number of people. To understand this silence, one must understand the roots, methods, and results of the famine.

Russian Occupation of Ukraine
The Breadbasket of the Soviet Union
Uprising in the Ukraine
Life During the Famine
Benefits for Russia
The West Stays Quiet
Continued Denial