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Fam-A-Lee 2003


Liesl and I ring in the New Year 2003!

My sister, Liesl, her supercool roommate, Ashley, and I take on Brooklyn!

My nephew, Kyle, comes for a visit!

My dad aka Poppy and Kyle feed the birds.

My dad and I look'n HOTT while we repaint the kitchen!

Bath time fun!

Kyle likes the new dew I gave him!

"Kisses" for Grandemere.

Kyle and I play with "BunBob" aka Spongebob.

Me and my daddy!

After playing with the Aunties, Kyle hits the bottle! ;)

My mom, sister, Liesl, and I cheer on the Yankees!

Baby Jeter aka Kyle!

My family and I enjoy the 4th of July at our Nation's Capitol!

We meet up with Liesl's best friend from college, Kristi and her Aunt Tina in NYC!

Liesl and I welcome our parents at Newark Liberty International Airport as thier personal limo service!

We meet up with friends in Zionsville, IN.

Kisses for mommy!

My mom and Dad on their 30th Wedding Anniversary at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago!

Brunch with the family in Chicago.

The family in Chicago.

My sisters surprise me with balloons on my 21st Birthday at Purdue University.

Kyle and his grandparents in Colorado.

My mom doing the "squeak" clap at Purdue!

My dad and I enjoying the Purdue Homecoming festivities.

Sisters and I cheer on the tuba players at Purdue Homecoming.

Family and I have a beer at Harry's Chocolate Shop on Purdue's campus.