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****If you any tips for any games please e-mail it to me from my e-mail at the bottom of the page!****
First I will Show you a couple cheats for...Cheese Roller:
Cheese Types
Alkenore - 1,200 NP
Big Beefy - 750 NP
Brain - 1,050 NP
Brick - 1,950 NP
Bubbling Blueberry - 1,500 NP
Gooey Snot - 2,100 NP
Honey - 600 NP
Mutated - 1,350 NP
Overgrown - 2,250 NP
Peppermint - 2,400 NP
Purple Spotted - 900 NP
Quadruple Fudge - 1,800 NP
Smoked Snorkle - 300 NP
Spicy Juppie - 150 NP
Triple Mustard - 450 NP Tyrannian Dung - 1,650 NP
To roll down the hill faster you should dive left or dive right!
Thanks ???

Meerca Chase
******* These are very simple tips and if you play the game enough you will know them too*******
Meerca Chase is some what a game of skill and in order to achive that skill you must be albe to concintrate and you must have patience to play it is very simple...