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Welcome to Math A

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Math A Curriculum:

  • The Math A curriculum consists of introductory topics in number theory, measurement, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, logic, probability, and statistics.
  • Students in my Math A classes complete the curriculuum in 4-semesters.
  • Students take the Math A Regents examination at the end of the fourth semester of the course.
  • To successfully complete the Mathematics A course and the Regents examination, students must be able to effectively analyze problems, determine the appropriate method of solution, and explain and defend their solutions both orally and in writing. Proficiency in calculations is no longer enough to be successful.
  • A grade of 55 or more on the Mathematics A Regents exam is a state requirement for graduation. A grade of 65 or more is required for a Regents diploma. A grade of 75 or more is required for admission to a 4-year CUNY college.

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