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"She's humble, but ambitious. She's independent, but family-oriented. She likes pizza, beer and lots of mascara, but don't think for a moment she's not sophisticated."





"Be real. Don't be fake. Be smart. Don't waste your time. Find that spark inside you and make it the biggest fire around. Let it burn out of control. Take control of your destination and never give it up. Stop making excuses. Make it work. All the pleasures in life cannot compare to living your dream. If you dream of being big, strong, lifting heavy, competing, and winning then go do it. Get off your butt. The only thing that I fear is the thought that one day I may not have a dream, so I will not let this one go until I get all that I want."



"..but what I am thinking is that I am grateful to someone for giving me this family and these friends. I always think about it when I see them. I think about how lonely life would be with out them. I figure we all come into the world alone, and there are a handful of people who know us throughout our entire life and they are the ones I'll know the longest. I am completely lucky. I am the luckiest girl in the world...."


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