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Are You Really A girl?

Ok NCF Friends! This will Tell The Truth....are you a Girl....or are you just a female wannabe??
  1. PMS Is BeforE, During Or After your Period?

  2. Before

  3. Freinds Before Guys Right?

  4. Yes
    Depending on the Guy

  5. Your Hair is the Most Important thing to fix

  6. Of Course!
    Not Really
    Depending on my Mood

  7. Makeup Is key Factor to Any Outfit!

  8. Are You Nuts!
    Of Course!
    Define Makeup

  9. Stickers...Stickers...Stickers!!

  10. Gotta Have Them
    Depending On what im using them for

  11. Your Diary is your safe Haven

  12. Yes
    I have a blog too!

  13. How Many Days do you have your period for?

  14. 7
    a long excrucating 10 days

  15. The Phone is Better than the Internet

  16. Duh!

  17. Gotta get them Nails!

  18. every day!
    Every 2 weeks
    Only while Impressing

  19. Tampons or Pads

  20. Pads
    "Light Days"

If you Got 100% you are a pure bread girl Congrats! If you got at least over 60% then your a girl but you really dont think like one...anything below 50%...Get the hell out of my gender!!!


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