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Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library
Submitted Information - Confederate Veteran:
Prison Cemetery, Elmira, N.Y.

[The following document comes from the Confederate Veteran, a magazine published throughout the South from the 1890s until the 1940s. It comes from Volume XI, which contains writings from the year 1903, page 112.]

D. Eldridge, Historian Third N. H. V., writes the following description of the cemetery at Elmira, NY.:

The portion of Woodlawn Cemetery set apart for Confederates who dies at the Elmira Prison is in the northeast corner, oblong in shape, and running east and west. On the right of the plot is Davis Street, running north and south, north to the reformatory, the southern course running nearly into the heart of the city.

A large majority of the graves of the dead Confederates are now level, and the wooden headboards originally placed have long ago disappeared. Nothing marks the graves save as hereinafter described---excepting the case of four at irregular places, on each of which latter loving hands of relatives to friends have erected marble mementos. One is in the shape of a shaft marked

E.K. Lindsay, C.S.N., Rockingham County, N.C; died May 8th, aged 21 years.

Another marked

W.B. LeQuenx, Company I, Twenty-first Regiment, S.C.V.; died March 7, 1865, aged 34 years.

In the left upper corner are two rows east and west, graves of the Union soldiers who died at the prison while doing guard duty. They are likewise two rows, east and west, of Confederates in the opposite corner. Apparently, these last named were able to bear the expense of slabs, or may have left funds for surviving comrades to perform the service for them. Beautiful trees wave over these graves and across the westerly boundary; but the large majority are buried in rows, seventeen double, running north and south, the graves being east and west. These rows extend almost over the entire plot. One grave in the northeast corner row reads:

Anthony Rankin, born County Tyrone, Ireland, died in Elmira, aged about 23 years, No. 1403.


John Cavert Plowden, Clariden, S.C.; died May 3, 1865, aged 39 years.