Fabulous Fan Fiction

Do you love fan fiction so much that you can't get enough of it? Well, welcome to my fabulous fan fiction page. So far, I've got four stories up, three of which are written by muah! (LOL) 'Hopelessly in Love' and 'Discovered By Talent' are still incomplete. I'm currently trying to finish 'Hopelessly in Love' but 'Discovered By Talent' is a going to be really long, I have to fit three more characters in. So please be patient while I finish these. By the way, if you notice that at the end of each story, there is a guest book. Please sign it, myself and other authors would like to know what you think of the story. Please do not review with harsh flames, you can critisize, just don't go too hard. Thanx a bunch!!!

Do you have a fan fiction that you would like to put on this site? Well, send me an email telling me about your story! I'll be sure to email you back, asking to have your story published on this site. If your story does get published on my site, I will be sure to email you any reviews that you have gotten, so you don't hafta keep checking back on the site. I do have limits on these fan fictions though:

-Not too many vulgar words (there can be some, but not in like every sentence)

-If incomplete, there must be at least five chapters before I can post them. (Or say that you have three chapters and they're really long, I'll go ahead and post it on anyway.)

-Has to have SOMETHING to do with Dream Street

-AND IT CANNOT IN ANY WAY DISS DREAM STREET!!! (Well, I'll let it slide. You can diss them just a LITTLE bit, but then you hafta make up for it, like what I did in 'Hopelessly in Love')

Well, go ahead start sending them! There's a 99.9% chance of your fan fiction getting up on my site. What can I say? I'm a sucker for good literature!!!

Click here for fan fictions, and their summaries

Email: dsroxmyworld@hotmail.com