Dream Street Soul Sisters

Where's all my soul sisters?

Lemme hear y'all flow sisters

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister

Hey all you Dream Street fans out there!!! Would you like to be part of this clique? It's called the Dream Street Soul Sisters. When you join, you get a free newsletter about this website, exclusive Dream Street picture collages, and so much more. If you would like be part of this group or you have any questions, email or chat with me on AIM (ciam2LOUD2b4go10 -or- DSOnCloudNine)! When you email me to be part of this clique, please answer these questions in your email:

What is your first and last name? (or you can put your last initial)

How old are you?

When is your birthday?

What grade are you in?

Who is your favorite Dream Street member?

What is your favorite Dream Street song?

[Optional(If you answer this question, you have a better chance of becoming a Soul Sister)]Why do you think you are qualified to be a Dream Street Soul Sister?

If you are accepted into the Dream Street Soul Sisters, more questions will follow.

***NOTE*** When I formed this clique, I had no intention of making your clique or club feel bad. If you have a clique or a club, please don't take this clique the wrong way. It's just a small thing, I don't mean any harm. All the cliques and clubs that I've seen are really tight. Thank you.

Email: dsroxmyworld@hotmail.com