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Kriselen has recently conducted a second interview with ds the direct link is You can also see pictures by clicking on the picture link.

Kaila Amariah, the girl in the Biggest Fan has just had an interview with Star Srtuck Mag. The direct link is,kaila

Another interview, DS has been interviewed by a music website called Music Lives Forever. The direct link to the interview is There are also pictures from the interview on the page.


Please keep in mind that the FYE signing and Aaron Carter concert in Utah on March 1st, and the FYE signing on March 5th in South Dakota will not be taking place. The Aaron Carter concert in South Dakota is still on, but DREAM STREET WILL NOT BE OPENING, so if you have tickets, you can still check Aaron out, but Dream Street will not be there.

Yesterday, Radio Disney premiered They Don't Understand on the Radio Disney Music Mailbag. The listeners called in and gave their opinion on the song and most of the callers gave good comments. Expect to hear this song on the playlist on Radio Disney!

Dream Street can be found in the pages of the April 2002 M Magazine. There are two pages of baby picture of all of them and a small article about what they were like when they were younger. Also, there is a group pinup and a lyric card to I Say Yeah.

A Disneyland Talent Casting representative said that the 'A Brush With Fame' concert is no longer taking place. This is the concert that was to be broadcasted in Warmarts across America.

You can now hear Dream Street singing the Star Spangled Banner on Radio Disney. Although the DJ doesn't always announce that its Dream Street it is them. Trust me, you have to listen to this its awesome. Katharine and Lia heard it a few months ago and it was soo good.


Jesse has been nominated yet again for a Young Artist Award for his work on All My Children. Even though Jesse is not on the show anymore, he was on it for most of 2001 and that landed him the award. Jesse was the winner last year so lets hope he walks away the winner this year also. Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 7th by the Young Artists Awards Foundation. Good Luck Jesse!

The fan Site, Dream Street Insider has the first 60 second sound clip of With All My Heart. The webmaster of the site also conducted a 9 minute interview with the guys at the Rhode Island Aaron Carter show. Go check it out, both the soundclip and the interview are awesome!

If you would like a copy of the PA tv show called "Pop TV Show" featuring Dream Street you can send a request to Chris Line. Make sure to include that you want the Dream Street Episode. The Address goes as follows.
Chris Line
c/o Pop Tv
P.O. Box 752
Emmaus, PA 18049-0752

Mrs. Raposo announced that Dream Street will not continue the Aaron's Winter Party tour after March 2nd due to schooling reasons. If you bought tickets to the shows after that hoping to see Dream Street, you may be able to sell them on eBay if they are good seats, or you can go and see Aaron and Lindsay Pagano. It is a VERY good show.


Earlier this week, the Boston Hearald had an interview with Chris. You can check it out at...

Dream Street's record label, Edel Entertainment is going out of business at the end of the month due to not having many artists. Don't worry, someone will take over the Dream Street project and the movie and soundtrack will still come out as planned.

The Biggest Fan soundtrack is tenatively set to be released on March 25. The album will feature at least four new Dream Street songs-With All My Heart, I Miss You, an updated version of I Say Yeah,and an unrevealed song. Other artists will include edel labelmates Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Rubyblue, Da Buzz, 3rd Faze, as well as Myra and Shanelle. Keep your eye out for it to come out in stores!


Pennsylvania/Central Jersey's POP TV SHOW will have an entire show dedicated to Dream Street coming up this weekend. The show will feature an exclusive interview with all the boys from their concert at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, PA. The show airs in different places in the area, on different channels at different times. To see if it's being shown in your area, head over to and then click on showtimes.

The winning school in last year's Lunchables DS concert was Christian School in Bakersfield, California. DS will perform there on February 25th. The show starts at 12:30 and is only open to students at that school. There will be a meet and greet afterward.

-WBLI has added pictures from January 16th, when Frankie, Greg and Chris were in the studio to their website, You can click over to to go directly to the pictures.


The 4th issue of the Dream Street Magazine wants article from the fans! If you have pictures and/or stories from a Dream Street concert that you would like to share with other fans, send them to Dreamstreet The Magazine, 153 West 27th St. #1005, New York, NY 10001. The deadline for all material is January 21st so get your articles in ASAP!

If you check out the newest issue of Blast with Britney Spears on the cover, you will notice a whole bunch of DS in there! On page 2 is a recent pin-up of the boys! There is an actual poster as well! As you go even further to page 76, you will read about "The Biggest Fan" and also the Dream Street Live concert! Be sure to enter the contest too so you can win your own copy of Dream Street Live!


On Wednesday, January 16th, Dream Street will be in the WBLI studios with Bobby Fester from 6PM to 11PM. If you live in Long Island you can tune in to 106.1, and for those living elsewhere, you can listen live from their website,

There are now additional Aaron Carter shows that at this time Dream Street WILL NOT be opening for. If you see a date that isn't listed for Dream Street to be performing at, please wait for it to be on or for it to be in Maryann Raposo's update list as we do not want you to be disapointed.

1-06-02 has a brand new look for 2002! The site has been completely redesigned and updated with new Dream Street dates (for the Aaron Carter tour). Make sure to head over there soon to check it out!

The February 2002 issue of Popstar is a must-have for any DS fan. The magazine features an exclusive 8 page Dream Street mini-mag. The pages are filled with one-on-one interviews with each member, a combined interview with the whole group. There are also pictures of the guys in dress shirts and ties! There is also a Dream Street quiz and a contest you can enter to win a Valentines Day card from your favorite Dream Street member! Make sure to pick up your copy today!

Go For It! tv has been spotted on the ABC Family channel on Saturdays at noon and has been removed from the USA lineup.

Dream Street conversation hearts have arrived in stores! The Valentine's Day favorites feature Dream Street on the box and the hearts have the following sayings: Jesse, Chris, Matt, Frankie, Greg, Dream St, Be Mine, Lets Meet, Sugar Rush, Dream Boy, My Star, Dreamy, Love Me, and Ur Hot. They should be available in most stores, but have already been spotted at Walmart!

The entertainment website,, recently added a video interview that they conducted after WBLI's Winter Jam. The boys share their excitement after such a successful appearance as well as discuss things such as other boy bands, celebrity crushes and what they wanted for Christmas. It's cute and very funny! Check out the short article about their appearance at Winter Jam at - Music Feature - Dream Street Hit the Big Time or go directly to the video interview at

The Biggest Fan is an independent film that stars the members of Dream Street. It is a take on the Beatles A Hard Days Night. One of the band members runs away before the band has a big gig, and they all go out looking for him. The film also stars Cindy Williams of Laverne & Shirley fame. Shooting took place on December 3rd through the 6th in Los Angeles, CA. The film also included a live concert taped with Dream Street at the Wiltern Theater. (thanks Dream On With Dream Street!)


PRO-FM, a Rhode Island radio station, has added pictures from Jingle Mingle, where Dream Street performed on December 10th. To look at the pictures, head to WJBQ.

In the recent issue of Twist magazine with Christina Aguilara on the cover, a paragraph and picture of Dream Street can be found on page 24! Make sure to pick up your copy and then write them letters requesting more of DS in their magazines.


On page 56 of the latest issue of Teen People, "Stars Woes," you can find one of Chris' most embarrassing moments.
"When I was 10, I got my first big TV gig on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I was doing a skit as a rock star - so I wore skintight pants. While I was rocking out, I did a split and my pants [ripped] open. I heard laughter, but I thought it was because I was funny. Then the wardrobe lady said, 'We've got to [fix] your pants!' I almost broke down in tears." [aww poor Chris!]

The band,Jump 5 will be joining Dream Street as an opening act for concerts from December 26-December 30th. Dream Street will not be at the Radio Disney concert on the 31st because they have New Year's Eve off. For more info on Jump5, check out


Dream Street is featured in the January/February 2002 issue of M Magazine. Dream Street can be found throughout the magazine. It's the 1st birthday issue with the pink M with a yellow ribbon around it. Be sure to pick up your copy today!

Dream Street is now 100% confirmed to be opening for Aaron Carter on his "Winter Party" tour. The tour will run from the end of January through February. You can purchase your tickets to these events at Dates and locations will be added soon.

Dream Street to open for Britney Spears on December 18, 2001 at the Ice Palace in Tampa, Florida. The show starts at 7:30 pm. Since tickets went on sale such a long time ago, there is a limited amount of tickets left so if you plan on attending buy now before its too late.

Dream Street is also featured in the January 2002 issue of PopStar! Magazine. There is Dream Street picture on the cover, an awesome DS centerfold (page 49), a pinup on page 59 and an in depth 4 page interview 58. Be sure to get your copy before they sell out!


This just in...more news about The Philidelphia Thanksgiving day Parade!
The Parade is due to be held on November 11th. The guys of Dream Sreet will be on a float and the appearance includes a live televised performance that will be aired on ABC in PA, NJ, and NY. Make sure to check it out!


The 3rd issue of the Dream Street magazine and the dvd/vhs of the WWF concert have been pushed back to November 13. We hope this date is here to stay! Go out and buy a copy...or two!

The guys of DS will be participating in the Philidelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade! More details soon...

Pics from the wing ding 10-14 have been added to the Official y-100 webpage. Check em out! They're from a funky angle but they're worth it! Check out some of the other people who were there too!

Dream Street's It Happens Every Time was on Nickelodeons' Nick Video Pick on Friday, October 20th. They ended up snagging first place! That put them in the running for Nick Video pick of the Week again on Sunday. They were up against, Aaron Carter, Mandy Moore, Lil Bow Wow, and Kaci. We pulled ahead and won that too! Thanks to everyone who spent hours voting! It really paid off!


On October 20th Dream Street will be on a radio show called Open House Party, it is broadcast across the coutrny. It begins at 7:00PM and lasts until midnight. The request line number is 1-800-669-1010. Check out to see if it is broadcasted in your area.

Claire's Accessories and The Icing are both carrying mini cards, they're sort of like a credit card. They run for $1.50 each and have a picture of DS on one side, and a 2002 calendar on the back. Pick one up before they run out!

The 3rd issue of the Dream Street magazine is in stores on Tuesday, October 16th. The video/dvd of the WWF concert from April 27th is going to be in stores on November 6th so look for it!


The appearance at Hard Rock Live on Sunday October 7th has been cancelled. Please refund youre tickets if you already bought them.

Don't forget about Wing Ding on the 14th, get your tickets now!

Claudia has moved her pics from GatherRound to Picture Trail because GatherRound is shutting down.
I, Katharine recieved a message from Claudia herself with this update.

Check out eCRUSH for a list of Celebrity Crushes. Chris is currently number 8, while Jesse is number 37. Vote now so we can get our #1 guys to the top!!


IMPORTANT: The HealthSouth Go For It Roadshow in Orlando, Florida on Thursday, October 20th has been cancelled due the last weeks events. Friday might still be going on but as of now we aren't sure

The Dream Street guys are going to be having a concert at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, October 7th at 6pm. Tickets are onsale now at Order Tix It is general admission, and Ticket Master says that they do not allow cameras or backpacks into the venue.

The new Sugar Beats Christmas CD has been released! Check out to hear samples. Jesse sings lead on two songs.

Past News

The DS interview from back in early July is finally up on check it out!

Jesse is featured in the October issue of Blast magazine. It is the one with the Olsen twins on the cover. Although it is only a breif article, it is worth checking out!

It has finally been announced, the next single, "I Say Yeah" is going to be released with the next DS magazine on October 16.

On September 21st DS will be the celebrity guest on Slime Time Live, we can't wait! Slime Time is filmed at Universal Studios, Orlando and airs from about 4-6:30 Eastern time, check your local listings for the channel and set your VCR!!

DS will be coming to Miami on Sunday, October 14th to perform in the 14th Annual Wing Ding Concert for Y100 radio in Miami, FL. More details when the date is closer. We're hoping this information will be out soon.

DS is featured on Studyworks Online, this is a program to help kids with important science and math skills. The pics and the article is great so go check it out!


Well, thats all the news we have for now! But we'll keep you posted!