This is where add captions to pictures of the guys (with the exception of the first one. For instance, if they have funky hair, are in a funky position, or have crazy clothes, we'll make caption on it. Please keep in mind that this is all in humor, if you cant handle it, please leave this page.

(Katharine) Hey, i have that necklace...haha i'm pretty sure i have the same lip gloss too, it looks exactly like that!...Why does he have to pluck his eyebrows!...and someone, tell me wtf is in the background of that pic????

(Tawny) Nice glasses Chris, their almost bigger than ur head!! I think my grandma has ones like j/k...Next time you should smmmmiiilllleee!! I know you're going for the im sexy look, but your smile looks just as good. Oh and nice jacket and makeup, very Ricky Martin-ish. Is it me or does the shape of his head look kinda funny here??