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Chapter 1: To Claudia's House We Go

Jessica-[talking on phone]…I cant believe that your mom is letting you go to New York with me for the year!

Callie-Well, we’ll be living with that one lady, Claudia, right?

Jessica-Yeah, she’s the coolest, she always teaches me these really cool dance moves, and she always lets me do whatever I want.

Callie- Oh, cool, how do you know her, anyways?

Jessica-well, my aunt knows her, and I wanted to get into dancing, so she introduced me to Claudia. My aunt said that Claudia is the choreographer for some little boy band.

Callie-Oh, really? Which band?

Jessica- some rookies, I’ve never even heard of them. I think the name of their group is Dream Street.

Callie- Hmmm, Dream Street? Never heard of them…OOOOH! Are those the boys who are on Nickelodeon? They are like 13, how stupid! Please tell me it’s not them!

Jessica-Um, I dunno, I’ll ask Claudia when we get to NY. We’re leaving in 5 days, I cant wait!

Callie- I know! What are we gunna do there anyways?

Jessica-well, we’ll be going to school there as soon as the summer is over, then staying next summer too. The summer is going to be the best. We can go wherever we want also, because I just got my license.

Callie-cool, I cant wait! Oh, you should ask Jara, Tasha, and Krista to come. I bet they would be able to come cuz their parents let them do whatever they want.

Jessica-yeah! Good idea. I thought about it, but I’d have to ask Claudia, because I don’t know how many people she wants over. She’s pretty cool though, I bet she wont mind, cuz we’ll buy our own food and stuff.

Callie-yeah, well, you call Claudia and ask her, cuz I gotta go take a shower and start thinking about what I’m going to bring.

Jessica-ok, I’ll call her.

Callie-Alright, talk to you later.


--they hang up the phone and Jessica calls Claudia, and of course Claudia says yeah [if she didn’t, the story wouldn’t work out right, ha ha] and Jessica calls Callie back—


Jessica-Claudia said yes, call Krista and tell her to pack, cuz we’re going to NY!

Callie-k, I’ll call her, man, Claudia IS cool if she’s gunna let 4 strange teenage girls stay with her for a year!

Jessica-well, I’m going to call Tasha and Jara now, k?

Callie- K, I’ll call Krista now too.

Jessica-ok, bye


--they hang up and call the others, and they all can they’re at Jessica’s house—

Jessica- k, I’m bringing all of this stuff that’s on my bed. Which sweatshirt should I bring, the blue one or the black one?

Jara-I like the blue one

Krista-I like the black one

Tasha-me too! The black one

Callie-well, I like the blue one

Jessica-hmmm…I’ll bring the black one, its warmer.

Tasha-ok, you do that…so when are we going to NY?

Callie-in 4 days…on Saturday

Tasha-ok…WAIT!!! Saturday? That’s when I get my nails done! I cant go then! You have to reschedule! I cant go if my nails aren’t done, I just cant you have to-

Jara-TASH!! I’m sure they have people to do nails in NY! Man, its not THAT big a deal.

Callie-yeah, I know.

Jessica-ok, so, here’s a list of everything you guys will need to bring. My mom made it for me. She kept saying “Don’t forget this…and don’t forget that..” so I told her to make a list, and she did, cool huh?

Jara- um, yeah, cool. [looking at list] ehhh.. why does it say “underwear” 7 times on here…in bold, caps, and underlined?

Callie-I guess Jess’ mom doesn’t want us to forget to bring underwear.

Krista-guess not!

Tasha-umm…what are silkies?

Jessica-what? She put ‘silkies’ on there? Oh, she did…well, when I was little, I had these silk pajamas, and I called them my ‘silkies,’ so…yeah.

Callie-oh, weird. Well, ok, I guess that makes sense.

Jessica-it totally makes sense, but lets go to sleep now, I want to spend all day tomorrow packing. We can go to Callie’s first, since she’s closest, then Krista’s. Tasha and Jara can pack at the same time, since they live next door to each other. But, we’ll talk more about it in the morning. Good night everyone.

All-good night.

Friday night…

Jara-ok we’re all packed, but I have one question.

Jessica-yeah, what’s the question?

Jara-um…what are we gunna do on the ride there? Can we listen to music?

Jessica-sure! Everyone bring your CD’s.

All-ok, we will

Callie-I wanna listen to the radio too, so can we like, not listen to CD’s for a while, and listen to just the radio, ya know, since it’s a 7 hour drive?

All-fine with me

Callie-cool, ok, I’m going to bed now, I wanna get plenty of sleep for tomorrow

Jara-me too

Krista-yeah, me too

Tasha-yeah, I’m tired

Jessica-well, I guess we’ll talk in the morning

All-Good night.

The next morning (Saturday, the day they leave)

Jessica-k, everyone get their stuff, and throw it in the trunk, we’re off to Claudia’s house!

Jara-can I sit in the front seat?

Callie-no, I wanna sit in the front, I get car sick!

Jessica-you guys make the decision, but there IS a middle seat in the front, just so you know.

Jara and Callie-Oh yeah!

Jessica-ok, did everyone use the bathroom? Is anyone hungry? Did you guys grab EVERYTHING you wanted to bring?

All-yes, nope, yeah…

Jessica-ok, everyone hop in, and we’re off!

-everyone got in the car, and they started to drive-

…Two hours later…

Krista-ok, put in my N*Sync CD

Callie-we already listened to that one!

Krista-no we didn’t, we listened to “no strings attached,” this is their new one, “celebrity”

Callie-oh, well, let someone else pick a CD

Krista-err..ok, we’ll listen to it later

Jara-yeah. Lets listen to the radio now.


Jess-I cant find a station while I’m driving, Callie, will you find something?

Callie-yeah, k guys, tell me when to stop

Krista-STOP! That’s N*SYNC!! She screams as she starts singing to “Gone”

Jara-keep going…and hurry before she hears another song she knows

Callie-how about this station?

Tasha-what is it?

Callie-listen, maybe it’ll tell us

Jessica- Um, I think they said Radio Disney

Jara-yeah, I heard it, it’s Radio Disney

Tasha-oh, ok, this is ok then.

-Another N*Sync song comes on and Krista starts to sing to it-

Callie-do you have to sing EVERY song that comes on the radio?

Krista-sorry, I’m just trying to have fun

Callie-ok, well, do you think you could stop for a lil bit?

Krista-I’ll try, I’m sorry

Callie-its ok, I’m sorry for being mean, but it was getting a bit annoying, sorry

Krista-alright, I’ll just listen now, I don’t know this song anyways

Jara-who sings this song?

Jessica- I dunno, I like the beat though

Tasha-what are they saying? “it happens..”


-They all listen to the rest of the song in complete silence, then the DJ comes on-

DJ-there it was, that was a song by Dream Street, called “It Happens Every Time”

Jessica-OMG! That’s Dream Street? Those are the guys that Claudia choreographs!


Jessica-yeah, the chick we’re staying with, Claudia, she teaches them their dances


Callie-wait! Pull over! There’s a mall!

Jara-so, that’s a mall?

Callie-yeah, but I bet there are music stores in that mall..


Callie-I bet, that we can find-

Jessica-Dream Street CD’s in there!

Callie-yeah, then maybe if we listen to it enough, we will know the songs by the time we get to meet Dream Street!

Jessica-we wont get to meet them

Callie-why not? We’re going to live with Claudia for A YEAR! She’ll introduce us if we sak her

Jessica- I dunno, lets see! Its worth a shot!

-they go to the mall and they each get a copy of the CD-

-they all love the CD and are singing along by the time they reach New York-

Jessica-this is it guys…Claudia’s house!

Callie-we’re here? This is it? Cool!

Jara-well, lets go in!

Krista-yeah, I wanna meet Claudia

Tasha-me too, I wanna meet dream street

All-yeah, me too!

Jessica-ok, but we’re about an hour earlier than Claudia expected, lets just go to the door

-Jessica rings the doorbell and hears loud music playing…music by Dream Street-

Claudia opens the door…

Claudia-hey girls! I wasn’t expecting you for (she looks at her watch)..about an hour

Jessica- I know, we all bought the dream street CD and it made time go by sooo much faster

Claudia-you bought the dream street CD? Cool! Oh, I have some friends over, they’re leaving in a little bit, I’ll introduce you girls.

Jessica-well, I’ll introduce you to my friends first—this is Krista, Jara, Tasha, and Callie. Everyone, this is Claudia

All-hi Claudia

Claudia-nice to meet you girls! [yells to her guests] Guys, come here, I have some people for you to meet!

Guys- ok!!

-the boys come into the living room where Claudia and the girls are sitting-

Claudia-ok, girls, this is Jesse, that’s Chris, and he is Greg, that one’s Frankie, and-

Matt- and I’m Matt.

[everyone laughs]


Jessica-I’m Jessica, this is Callie, that’s Jara, this is Krista, and she’s Tasha.


Claudia-hey guys, these girls just bought the Dream Street CD today.

Boys- Dream Street? Cool!

Jessica-Yeah, we love it!

Chris-yeah? That’s cool!

Callie-so, Claudia, when can we meet Dream St-


Claudia-what were you saying?

Frankie-I think she wants to meet us

Callie-no, I already met you guys, now I wanna meet Dream Street

Greg-yeah Frankie, she doesn’t want US, she wants to meet Dream Street

Claudia-well, did you girls happen to look at the CD cover? Because…these guys ARE Dream Street!

Girls-AHHH!!! NO WAY!!!

Jessica-cool! OMG!! Ok, ok…

Claudia-well, the guys have to go now, they have rehearsal on Monday, so you guys will see them again, then.



-Claudia shows them around, and the girls go in one of their rooms to talk about DS-

Callie-I thought Jesse was so hot!

Jessica-well, I liked the spikey-haired one, Chris

Jara-My favorite was Greg, the tall, dark one

Krista-naw, you are ALL wrong, I like Frankie the most

Tasha-this works out perfect girls, we all like different guys. I like matt, did you guys see his eyes? They were the prettiest blue…

-they go on and on talking about Dream Street all night long…-