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Specs for Demolition Drag Cars

Why should you make your own cars?

Challenge Trophy Camporee

Challenge Trophy Camporee Web site

Rules for the Demolition Drag Derby are below.

Drag Derby Rules and Vehicle Specs - Open and Print

Drawing of a Basic Car Design - Make Your Own!

We do have several demo cars one can borrow to race, however, none of these cars will be in the running for any awards or recognition. If you have never made or raced a car before, come out to the scheduled event and use one of ours. Consider this a learning experience. The next year, we believe you'll want make and race your own.

4th Demolition Drag Derby - Oct 2005

The car specs for the 4th DDD will be the "same drag car specs" as the previous 3Ds (see above). The 4th DDD will be held at Camp cutler in Oct 2005 at the 7th CTC.
Check this web site for updates, and locally we will have same update info on handout sheets at roundtables.