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Demolition Drag Derby - Demolition Drag Derby

by Scouterdoug, Boy Scout of America Volunteer

What is the Demolition Drag Derby?

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Demolition Drag Derby Car Specs
Demolition Drag Derby Track Specs - Build your own.

The Demolition Drag Derby (or 3D) was conceived and designed by Scouterdoug as an event at the 4th Challenge Trophy Camporee in Oct 2002. It is a youth run event.

Do you want to make a track and run this event in your district?

We have provided information in a section in this website to make your own track. Please note that the designer of this event and author of the related literature, authorises the use of literature, descriptions, pictures, etc. at no cost or charge to BSA, Scout's Canada, WFIS, etc. for scouting events. Start your own "Demolition Drag Derby". The goal is to make cars, tracks, and have fun!

As for the awards to be provided? That is up to the youth to decide at your location. The youth may need a little guidance the first year for this event. After that, only fine tuning is required in future years. Refer to the original awards on the spec page if you need some resource material or ideas.

TO REGISTER FOR THE NEXT 3D, see below the pictures.

The 1st 3D or Demolition Drag Derby Patch / badge is ~ 2.5" high x 5.5" wide. The 2nd 3D patch is 7" x 2". The 3rd DDD patch is 3" x 4". The 4th DDD patch is 2.6" x 5.5"

The 4th patch below has iridescent thread used on the car body. It changes from light purple to light green depending on the angle and light. The scan shows 2 perspectives of this effect between the top and side of the car. It is hard to believe the same thread was used at both locations.

Sample drag cars are shown below.

A design winning drag car(as an example of creativity)is shown below.

The 1st DDD was held at the 4th Challenge Trophy Camporee in Oct 2002.
The 2nd 3D was held at the 5th Challenge Trophy Camporee Oct 2003 at Camp Cutler.
The 3rd 3D was held at the 6th CTC in 2004.
The 4th DDD was held Oct 2005 at the 7th CTC.
Each successive DDD will be held annually at the CTC
Click on the car specs below to make your own car. Also on this page is information of a Basic Design Drag Car to help get you started.

DDD Drag Car Specs

To see pictures of cars and the track click below.

Pictures of Drag Cars and Track

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