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...Another Jamie Update...

Jamie Springer
SUNY Fredonia

MY SCHOOL LIFE: I'm still a student at SUNY Fredonia...a music education major with a concentration in voice. I'll be staying an extra semester of classes and then have to student teach so I will therefore not graduate until December 2002. I am living alone in a small apartment off campus where I am content to do as I like. I haven't been partying as much as in my younger days, and I suppose I should be thankful for that...(maybe I'll finally get more work done!).
MY SOCIAL LIFE: I've recently become engaged (read: since July 2001)to Jason after being together for almost four years. We're doing quite well. I have started a website for our wedding plans and such if you'd like to visit the address is Just keep in mind that I just started it and much detail needs to be filled in. I know some of you never would have thought that I could stand to be with someone for more than a week, but I've done it and I couldn't be happier. (For my single friends who don't want to hear it I apologize). We see each other just about every weekend...who says long distance relationships can't work! Aside from spending time with the love of my life, I really don't do a heck of a lot. I spend most of my time doing school work and procrastinating for said work. The majority of my friends already graduated, so I am pretty much a bum this year. I hang out with Steph as often as possible, which is difficult due to the fact that she lives in Rochester. We like to talk wedding even though she's still waiting for her guy (Nick) to come through with his "plan". Overall, there isn't all that much to do around here and therefore I don't do all that much.
Just to case you are wondering...I did not post my life for everyone to see because I necessarily want something. I just thought that it would be nice to let you know how I was faring in life.
3/28/2001: Sorry to report that my first and best hamster, Hammy, died today. He was a nice old boy and will surely be missed.
Summer 2001: Sorry to report that my first nowey cat (read: Patchie) is residing with Hammy in animal heaven. She will be missed greatly.
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