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Behind My Skirts Title

statue of Liberty I am the spirit of the people of America,
I am their freedom to live and work and play.
Beneath my torch lies their right to peace and happiness.
I stand constant vigil to provide these rights for all,
For I am Liberty.......

It is I who give you freedom of speech.
It is I who grant you peaceful demonstration.
Yet even as you hide behind my skirts,
You strive to wrest these rights from my children,
and assault the spirit of Liberty.

I am the spirit of truth and honesty.
I protect liberty for the people of America
Within my scales lies the balance of personal rights and public good.
I stand in constant judgement, providing what's best for all,
For I am Justice............

It is I who insure you are not persecuted for your beliefs.
It is I who protect you as you march.
Yet even as you hide behind my skirts,
You persecute and assault my children
And rape the spirit of Justice

lady justice
walking liberty I am the soul of millions who fought to give you rights
I am the security of the people of America.
Beneath my flag lies their promise of safety,
their honor, and mercy and patience.
I stand in silent glory to show the way to all,
For I AM America.
It is I who provide you shelter in adversity.
It is I who cry for your children as you storm across my land.
Yet even as you claim the warmth of my skirts,
You twist and mangle the peace of my children
and destroy the spirit of America.

Three spirits only have you raped,
Yet thousands have you damaged, and more are yet to come.
Hide behind our skirts, even as you rip them from our bodies
For as with all things, this rampage will surely pass,
and you cannot hide behind the skirts of a just and loving God.


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