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News  From  Dawn

(This page  was last updated on: 08/2012)



Current performances: 

    Please check back for current performances. Please look for me in the new UFT Commercial. I can also be heard on WABC and 1010 WIN am, WBLS, WLTW, WSKQ and WRKS fm radio " DIFFERENCE" UFT spot. I just filmed a background scene in Samuel Jackson's film Freedom Land and also appeared as a guest announcer at this past UFT Rally at Madison Square Garden. It was a blast. See if you can find me in Desperate Endeavors.

My poem Distant Love which can be viewed on the link has been published. It is currently in the book entitled Best Poems And Poets Of . Recommended reading: Hope For the Journey by Father Jack Spaulding and Where Angles Walk by Joan W. Anderson

Please check out Aarons link. Congratulations on your new record deal and the publishing of your songs. Please check out The Last Tribe's newest CD at Last Tribe. Korea was a blast, a little hot but the Koreans are very friendly. Kamsameda.

Enjoying motherhood! . My loving daughter is now in 3rd grade and doing wonderfully. I am working on some new projects in film please check back for an update. Just returned from California for a family get together. I am still working with special needs children and boy oh boy are they challenging . God Bless.


God Bless.  



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