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Welcome to the Death Zone

FIRST OF ALL... if there's any pictures on here that belong to you and you don't want them on here, just click my e-mail below and let me know, I'll take them off as soon as possible. Well... the pictures that I do try and post on here don't actually show up, so until they do, nothing to worry about. :)


My site is slowly starting to grow... very slowly. I have a few pages, one will be coming soon, but the other two you can check out. I also have 3 sites you should check out if interested...

Also, send ideas or comments about my site... anything you think I should change, anything you think I should add... my E-Mail's at the bottom of the page, so let me know, I'm open for ideas.

Check back occasionally to see improvements and changes. Don't forget to sign the guestbook. ;) (That sounded so giddy it's aggitating)

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