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We are asking the online community for financial help......

Secure Our Future

DAN: — Dan is graduating from College and he currently has has $5,000 of credit card debt and is finding it difficult or impossible to pay off his debt. Dan is an Americorps alumni who is dedicating his life to public service. He hopes to accomplish another 1700 hours of Americorps national service and may join the peacecorps. This may be impossible if Dan cannot get out of debt. The more he tries to get out of debt the more debt or financial responsiblites he has. In order to do volunteer work and public service it is essential that Dan has a clean slate and a new start. Goals: To pay off credit card debt - $5,000 Graduate School - Estimated Costs $20,000

REGINA: — Regina is graduating with her Associates degree from community college in May and needs money to finish her degree. She has been accepted to Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. Regina has also completed 1700 hours of National Service through an Americorps program. She is going to school to be an Elementary School teacher, but is finding it impossible to pay her tuition. She was barely able to pay her way through community college and is in desperate need of financial aid. Estimated Costs: $25,000 a year for two years $50,000 total

What We NEED: — We need a large amount of money in order to follow our dreams. We have gotten far running on financial fumes, but we need your help! We have links on this site for pay-pal, our email address and various other sites. We thank you for your interest and ask you for at least a buck or two...or three....etc... thanks!!!


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