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Weekly 20 dollar tournamnets. 10 Dollars collected form each pot per 8 people playing. Main event freeroll at the end of the year for the money collected, available to the top 10 players. Rankings are based on points given each game based on how you place (more in depth explination below)


EMAIL at if you are interested
AIM Deaner05205.
CELL 516-428-0069

Location and Time

Thursdays at 7PM (subject to change) in the Dickson lounges

Tournament Structure

Starting chips: 1500-2000
Blinds: Start at 25-25, raise every 20 minutes to 25/50, 50/100, 75/150...

Three people get paid out for 8-15 players.
Payout pattern for three payouts: (50%/30%/20%)

Four people get paid out for 16-23 players
Payout pattern for four payouts:(40%/30%/20%/10%).

Five people get paid out for over 23 players
Payout pattern for five players: ( )


To prevent someone from getting a high average by say, playing one game and winning, there will be a minimum you must play in before points start getting deducted. This will probably be 1/3. For every game you play below 33.3%, you get points deducted form your average.

Main Event

At the final table, the more points you had going in, the more chips you start will start with. A more in depth blind/chip structure will be posted in time.

Long Island Poker Pack

This is something my brother once had, but as you can tell died out when him and his friends got jobs (who woulda knew). Theres some pretty cool stuff there, and is what I'm basing this on, so it may be of interest to you.

Here is a brief description of how the standings are calculated:

X=Standings Variable, N=total players, P=Place Finished, S= Total Prize Pool,Y=S/N

Equation: [((N/P)*X)/(Y)] *S

I will post the chart of the standing variable in time.

Tell your friends.


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