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Cornell Poker Pack
Cornell Poker Pack

Download the Excel spreadsheet of the standings
(Last updated: Sep 8... yeah, I've been lazy)



October 1, 2005

Today was the Cornell Poker Club sponsered Katrina relief tournament. Showing up were Jarad, Vijay, Bobby, Dean, and BO.
The blinds werent slowing down for anyone, and players were picked off one by one. When there were 20 left, Dean and BO were the only ones left. They got knocked out 19 and 18, taking home t shirts for their efforts. BO was quoted after the game commenting "Yeah, top three got IPODS, but the t shirt was what I was after. The cotton was so soft, I'm going to wear it every day".

Reminder, last Thursdays game was cancelled due to prelims, we will be playing tommorow, Sunday, October 2, in the Dickson lounge at 630 PM.

September 30, 2005

Tommorow, October 1, there is a hurricane Katrina charity tournament going on at Appel. It starts at 3. The buy in is 10 bucks. Top three places get IPODs and Poker sets and shit. I'm not sure how or when to register, but I'm guessing if you head over there a little before you'll find out.

September 25, 2005

You guys might notice the pathetically small amount of points given for tonights game. Well, thats because only 7 people played. But remember, if you play less than 1/3 of the games, your points will be reduced by the amount of games you played. (If you played 1/4 of the games, your points will actually be your points, multiplied by 1/4, which will be too low to make the main event.

I'll update the excell sheet soon enough

September 22, 2005

Tonight's poker game has been cancelled. Next week's game will be rescheduled to TUESDAY NIGHT, to avoid being the night before the first Math192 prelim. After that, we will resume with our normal 630 Thursday night tournaments.

The poker pack had it's first members head to Turning Stone. After Bobby had a disappointing bust out third in last week's tournament, and James finished on the bubble, they headed to the casino to try to win big time. And they lost. Everything. James commented that it wasn’t that he was outplayed, he was just out-lucked. "The competition wasn’t tough at all, as a matter of fact, these guys sucked. The calling stations there were disgusting, and I felt like smashing them in the face. The guy sitting on the right of me was nicknamed goldmember. He was bald with peeling skin, and he kept trying to lick my arm. Who can play in those conditions. The guy across from me keps trying to stare at my chest, and after he busted me out with 24 against my AA, he asked where my breasts were. Even the dealer was a freak, he kept calling me hotstuff. He was also 80, and only had one arm. That really made the shuffling take long. Fuck Turning Stone." Bobby, however, had only one word. "Donkeys". Better lucky next time guys.

The third tournament of our season was another success, 15 players battling it out for a first place prize of 140. When the dust settled it was Dan taking home the prize. He also took home a huge amount of standings point, the most awarded yet this season, 72. A well needed victory after the first two games. "I knew from the beginning that I was going to be taking home the money, and the points. I'll die for the points, baby, they're all mine." James, notably, took 4th, after being down to his last life early on. Fireworks started early in the tournament, as Bobby was busted when his pocket 9's failed to hold against Dan's KQo. "I'll take my KQ and go all the way, as long as I get extra points from them. I love my points, I want them all. Oh yeah baby, give it to me" Randall, in true Randall fashion, went broke 13th for the third week in a row. "13 is my lucky number, I figure if I keep busting out 13th every week, I'll start winning eventually." What the fuck Randall means, we will never know.

September 9, 2005

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September 8, 2005

The second game of the season took off with 15 players showing up to battle it out. We lost Daniel Basket first, one of the many new players who showed up, welcome to the pack Dan. Randall, the first out last week, got sent home third this week. "I have no problem making my money back in the Sunday cash games, it's my style."

When we got down to three players, where Dean and Bobby battled for third, and Dean ended up getting sent home on the bubble, which he was able to avoid next week.

Bobby scooped up the pot for third, and Tayler was quickly crippled down to 300 chips headsup, a 1:9 underdog (this time, there is no sarcasm). With 300 chips at 300 600 blinds, it was all but over; however, he repeated what he did last week, and battled back to take the chip lead. "I'm just that good guys, no one can take me down. I'll take on Phil Hellmuth and Dan Negranu any day, give me 5 bucks with 100-200 stakes, and their asses are toast. No one can handle me, yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah baby yeah." He actually never said that, but we all know what he was thinking.

Once again the pot was split, but with two first place splits in a row, Tayler has a huge lead going two games into the tourny. We'll see if he can keep up this early rush, or if he will be crushed. Crushed and laid out to die, crippled and in pain. Yes, that sounds good. Tayler, however, has other plans. "My plan is just to win every game, and then take all the money I get from you guys and put it all on 00 in roulette over and over until I lose it all."

September 4, 2005

Starting with today we will be holding weekly Sunday cash games in the Dickson 3-5 lounge. Minium buy in of 10 dollars, max 20. .25/.50 blinds. Starting at around 3PM, lasting until whenever. Show up or give us a call if you're interested in playing.

September 1, 2005

The first tournament has been played, and was a success. It looks like word is spreading, and we can expect some good games in the future.

The game started off slow, but chips got moving fast. We had our first casualty of the year when Randall busted out first. After the game Randall didn't seem shook, as he commented 'I'll be points leader soon enough, don't worry'. His fans throughout Dickson seemed confident too. A railbird, Jerry, was confident in his man. "I've already but 2 grand on Randall taking the entire thing." However, Jerry had also admitted to putting 5 grand on Cornell to win the NCAA, so I should check my sources next time...

Chips got moving quickly, and another monumental first bust out occurred when Vijay ended up on the bubble. However, he neither was shook, commenting that he was 'rolling in the Benjamins, Dickson SON, Dickson SON'. Vijay did, however, need to borrow 5 bucks after the game.

We finally moved down to heads-up between James and Tyler. Tyler came back from approximately a 100:1 chip underdog to tie things up. The game raged on throughout the night, until a "fuck this" was instated. AKA, the pot, and the points were split.

If you are interested in playing,


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