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Cut and Paste Copy and PasteCut/Copy and Paste Cut and Paste

Differences Between Copy And Cut

T here is a marked difference between "Cut and Paste" and "Copy and Paste". People use both terms but the actions are slightly different. When you "Cut" and Paste, you ( "Cut" ) remove from the original place it was and paste it elsewhere. When you "Copy" and Paste, it stays where it was and also pasted elsewhere. You perform the same actions but you just click on "Cut" instead of "Copy".

T his text you are reading Cannot be "Cut" but it can be "Copied". What is in the below Textarea Form Box Can be either "Cut" or "Copied". Go ahead and try to "Cut" this text and "Paste" it into the below empty Textarea Form Box to see what happens. Then try to "Copy" this same text and then Paste" it and see what happens.

T his is an extremely easy thing to do. All you do is hold down the left button on the mouse and slide it over the text you want to copy.

D o not let up on the button until everything you want to copy is hi-lighted. Now once you have everything hi-lighted you want to "Copy & Paste", let off the mouse button.

N ow there are two ways in which you can "copy" it. You can either right click on the hi-lighted text and a box will pop up with choices on it. The choices are
Undo    Cut    Copy    Paste    Delete    Select All.
Click on "Copy".

O r once your text is hi-lighted go up to the upper left corner of your screen and click on "Edit". Now you have the same choices pop up and click on "Copy". Now it is "Copied".

This Is A Textarea Form Box

T he below form box is for you to Paste what you have Copied or Cut from the above form box. Just "Right Click" inside the below empty form box and a little box will pop up with choices inside. Select
" Paste" and watch the result! Poof, it is now pasted.

This Is A Textarea Form Box

T o be on the safe side so you don't lose what you just copied what you should do next is go to Start, Programs, Accessories, and Notepad. Once notepad pops up just left click on the upper left hand corner of the notepad screen and you will see the little black line in the upper left corner of the notepad screen.

N ow to paste what you copied is just as easy.

Y ou can either right click by little black line on the note pad and a screen will pop up. Same choices. Just left click on "Paste". Poof !!!! you will now see what you copied on the notepad screen. If you don't want to right click to paste then just go up to "File" (upper left corner of notepad) and click "Paste". Now you have it pasted. Now save it somewhere. If for some strange reason your computer goes off or something happens you have it saved.

N ow go back to it and copy it again and paste it where you want to. The explanation is very long but the process only takes a few seconds.

I f this sounds confusing, you can view an interactive 20 second slideshow that may make the copy and paste explanation much easier to follow.
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W e hope our tutorial was easy to follow and we covered everything in detail. If you have any problems with this or anything else, feel free to consult our FAQ ] and if you can't find the answer there, contact us ].
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