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Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard

Length: 45 - 76 in.
Weight: 22 - 45 lbs
Height: 21 in.

Habit: equally adept at hunting on the ground
as they are in trees, but uses trees
primarily as a resting place
Diet: birds, primates, small mammals,
porcupines, deer and wild boar

Lifespan: 17 years in captivity, aroud 11
years in the wild

Sexual Maturity: 24 - 36 months
Mating Season: throughout the year
Gestation: 86 - 93 days
Litter size: 1 - 5 kittens (average 3)

  • Flexible ankle joints enable clouded leopards to climb down trees head first.
  • Clouded Leopards are also quite adept at swimming and readily take to water.
  • Clouded leopards are thought to give birth in nest-
    like structures above ground in hollow trees, but ground level dens in thick vegetation have also been found.

  • Clouded leopards are notoriously difficult to
    breed in captivity because of high incidence of males killing females.
  • They are still widely hunted for their teeth and decorative pelt, and for bones for the traditional Asian medicinal market.
  • Clouded Leopard live in the Asian rainforests of Nepal through Indochina, Sumatra, and Borneo.
  • A Clouded Leopard's markings look greyish or yellowish brown, with black margined blotches that have pale centers.
  • Births in captivity have occurred from March through August but animals having a tropical distribution often don't have a well defined reproductive season.

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