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Millions of cats need adoption. So many are left out on the streets because they are unwanted. The overpopulation of cats must be helped. You can do something to help too.

There are many different organizations to adopt from. Here are some web addresses.

The Cat Adoption Team

Island Cat Resources and Adoptions (ICRA)

Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Kitten Rescue Online

Pet Finder

The Pet Shelter Network

Caring for Creatures

Cat Guardians
Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue

Pets and People Humane Society

Kitty Cottage Adoption Center
Purrfect Companions

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To help control the pet population, have your cat spayed or nutured.

To spay refers to females and means to surgically remove the overies of an animal.
To neuter refers to males and means to surgically remove the reproductive male organs of an animal.