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Photo courtesy of Dan Pierce

See the Marina's NEWEST feature, dedicated to Station Wagons --

If you're a Marina regular, you've noticed that the opening page doesn't have a photo of the Captain's Yacht! That's because the "yachting" theme Eldorado photo from Cadillac's 1976 catalogue is so appropriate.

Don't worry though, the Captain's Yacht, a '63 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, hasn't gone away. There she is below, pictured with another famous American yacht. The Captain's Yacht has the less frequently seen six-window roofline, which is a direct descendant of the greenhouse on the Pininfarina-built 1959 and '60 Eldorado Broughams.

In the background is the greatest American ocean liner of all time, the S.S. United States, berthed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she awaits restoration. The United States is to other ships what a Land Yacht is to an ordinary car. She's longer than the Titanic or any of the British Queens, and her engines are more than five times more powerful than the Titanic's were. Launched in 1952, she set the transatlantic speed record on her maiden voyage and never relinquished it. Yet her passenger appointments were as luxurious, if not more so, than any liner of its time. Think of her as a Chrysler 300 of the seas -- an unsurpassed combination of size, luxury and confident performance.

Sadly, the "Big U," as some fans call her, has seen better days. Retired from service in 1969, she languished at anchor but basically intact until 1981, when all her interior furnishings were sold at auction. In her present condition, after having been gutted still further for asbestos removal, she is little more than an empty shell. For more about the Big U, visit any of these sites:

We've got enough new stuff to fill the cargo holds of a few ocean liners, at least!! And now, the Marina's feature presentations:

The Marina on the Marina!

OK, they're not Land Yachts, but the only car NAMED for the Marina deserves a place of honor at the Marina! Yep, we're talking about the Austin Marina, and its sister ship the Morris Marina. Though not without its faults, the Marina sails on, as these websites attest:

The Boatmobile!

People. Listen up a sec. About this clever little term we use here -- "Land Yacht." You see, it's really meant to be a metaphor. Just a figure of speech. Honest. You really don't have to take it anywhere nearly as literally as this guy did!

Land Yacht Restorations

This restoration shop has a GREAT name, but is not affiliated or connected with the Marina. Of course, we wouldn't mind being connected if it meant we could drive their '59 Chevy stretch limo when the project is done.

The Davis Registry

Talk about a niche market. There are only a dozen or so of these late Forties three wheeled oddities in existence.

Car Billboards

A superb collection of ads from decades past.

Rear View Mirror

This site is worth a visit for the opening '59 Caddy tail fin graphic alone! What follows is interesting and unique too. The Rear View Mirror doesn't feature any trailer-queen showpieces, focusing instead on cars found "in the rough" and needing a little TLC (or in some cases a lot), but with all their Land Yacht glory shining through.


In the middle of Nebraska someone arranged a bunch of Land Yachts in a precise duplication of Stonehenge, proving that there are some people with a lot of free time on their hands and some of them, confronted with a collection of fantastic Land Yachts, aren't satisfied with enjoying them the obvious way, like DRIVING them.

Belair Boulevard

A great collection of nostalgic everything -- cars, music, ads, TV, etc., etc., etc.

God's Chariots

Some serious Mopars here. The Marina loves anyone who so obviously loves their Land Yachts!

The Parisienne

The Marina welcomes the Parisienne site back after a brief absence. It's not just a car; it's a six-way power seat lifestyle!

Beater Du Jour

This wonderful site is written by a regular contributor to magazines such as Special Interest Autos. The Marina shares his philosophy that old cars are meant to be driven!

Cuban Cars!

Some scenes from the ironic Land Yacht heaven inside Fidel's workers paradise, where a little baling wire and a lot of prayer keep these marvels rolling.

The World's Largest Catsup Bottle

Because it's STILL there.



On to two more of the Marina's regular features:

The Drydock

The Marina's drydock is always open for Land Yachts in need of a little TLC to be seaworthy once again. Check out these restoration-related websites:

Hemmings Motor News -- the ultimate source for everything, and a fantastic list of auto links too.

Carlisle Productions, host of the East Coast's greatest swap meets, now on the Web.

Steele Rubber Company -- weatherstrips and everything else to keep your Land Yacht watertight. Notice they say they specialize in full-size cars!

The Eastwood Company -- SERIOUS restoration supplies, starting with sandblasting equipment!

The Swap Meet is a great site for cars, parts, information, and zillions of links to everything for the car collector.

Bill Brauch's Auto Restorations -- with lots of lovely pictures of his handiwork!!

RAM Remanufacturing -- no, not the megabyte stuff, these guys deal strictly in cubic inches, in other words engine rebuilding and precision machine work.


Before you set sail, come around to the Marina's fueling station and fill up! This gasoline site will answer all of your questions, and then some, about the precious elixir that keeps our Land Yachts rolling.

Many a Land Yacht made its maiden westward voyage on Route 66. Although the highway has been officially decommissioned, thanks to these enthusiasts you can still take your Land Yacht on a cruise of the Mother Road.

Road Trip USA will help you navigate several of the country's old highways that are still officially marked. This is a great site chock full of fun AND practical information, sights to see, etc.

Hungry? Roadside Online can help you find classic roadside diners still serving up fine down-home cooking.

Lost? Perhaps the Road Map Collectors of America can help.

When you're tired of driving, you'll need a place to stay. Check out Motel Americana for a guide to motels from our past Land Yachting days of glory.

A little traveling music please! Go to the Lyrics Server and get the words to sing along with your favorite cruisin' songs, like Cadillac Ranch, Hot Rod Lincoln, Radar Love, and many more. And if those songs aren't coming in loud and clear, perhaps you should visit Tony Cerasin's Vintage Radio Restorations!

Want some more entertainment? How about a drive in movie?

And the Marina couldn't possibly be complete without a link to the ultimate piece of roadside kitsch of all, east coast edition that is -- SOUTH OF THE BORDER!

Sail far enough and you might encounter a mermaid! Well, if you can't find yourself a mermaid, you can at least stop at the Mermaid Tavern, a delightful seafaring site created by Marina fan Kay Koehler, former occasional skipper of Old Blue. But please don't drink and drive!

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