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The Fourth And Fifth Weeks

 Well, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I am working hard again, so lets look back shall we?  Alright.  In Week 4, we see the search beginning to heat up and Dawn finding a way to come along, despite Xander's futile efforts.  Buffy and Faith go to the Bronze.  And Cordy trips over a dead body while ditching an erstwhile dancing partner.  Seem interesting?  You ain't seen nothing yet, Week 5 gets much more action packed.  Spike goes chasing after Cordy and runs into Buffy and Dawn.  Meanwhile, Darla and Drusilla are in the car, um, driving, if you can call it that, and Dru gets a plan to kidnap Dawn and torture her.  Darla tries to run Buffy over while Spike gets Dawn and Faith gets to the battle as it begins out back of the Bronze.  Week 6 is in progress now, so don't miss it!

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