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     Okay, your looking at this game and wondering how the hell we do thisWe do have a set of general rules that most of us follow.  Sometimes, people don't follow them, but it's okay once in a while if they still designate the area.  The rules themselves aren't much more than a set of guidelines that make sure everyone knows whats going on.  So without further adieu, here they are:
  • Each week, a new thread is opened for play.  The moderator has the power to close the old thread and if need be, to destroy it.
  • The threads correspond to real time.  That is, one week out here is one week and a new thread is opened.  In the game, maybe only a couple of hours have gone by.
  • Replies are done in character point of view.
  • Use // to designate your character's thoughts.  //Like this.//
  • When replying, use stars to designate your character at the top of the post.  **********Like This**********.
  • When places change in the order of events, use brackets to designate the location.  (Usually this rule isn't even used though.)
  • Combat is done story wise.  Keep it simple and do it in writing.  There are no numbers here, just keeping it real.
  • Try to keep your posts real to the show.  Don't do something they wouldn't do.
  • Keep the story going by doing things your character would do.  This corresponds with the last rule.  All in all, keep it real an d have fun!