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     So a bunch of people wanted to play this online Buffy The Vampire Slayer RPG game right?  Look what happened.  We have most of our players (some are doubled up), we have rules, there are Help Pages built, and people enjoy the game.  It all started about two months ago.  If you wish to join, go to and register.  We're in the Buffy Forum.  Also, since our beginning wasn't as humble as I thought, I have the time period for play:

     "Due to popular confusion, I wish to clarify the time period.  As best I can.  Don't worry, it confuses me too.  Lets begin.  The location is the highschool in Sunnydale.  The time period is, well, everything that has happened in the past episodes up to the start of the game.  Now, also, certain other parts of the new episodes are introduced for plot reasons or simple coolness.  Confused yet?  The other part is timing.  Now, you just have to read past posts and keep current to know who met who and what has and has not happened.  Ok?  Don't worry, you get used to it."