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Patches presently used by the City of Kingston Police Department.

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Kingston New York

Prior to 1891, the Police Department consisited of few plainclothes constables that were unorganized.

The Kingston Police Department was founded in 1891. On May 19th 1891, during second meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners, a small uniformed force of nine police officers was appointed.

Between 1891 and 1913, the force grew from nine men to nineteen men. By 1919, the police force numbered twenty-seven. In 1936, the force consisted of thirty-seven men. Today, the force consists of eighty-four sworn personnel. The Police Department's sworn members include the following: a patrol division that consists of a bike unit, marine unit, five K-9's, and an emergency services unit; a detective division that also includes a juvenile unit, and narcotics unit. The department also participates in the D.A.R.E. program. The department's motto is "Committed to excellence".

Prior to 1916, the officers used horses, a patrol wagon and ambulance, both of which were horse drawn. In 1920, the "motorized" equipment consisted of an ambulance, a touring car and a motorcycle. The department now utilizes numerous patrol cars, including an emergency services van, a marine patrol boat, K-9 patrol cars and several bicycle patrols to respond to calls for service. The Department did have an active mounted patrol unit for ten years, 1988 through 1998.

In 1978, Random House books put out " Officer Bill" (85k), a children's book. The book featured photos of Kingston Police Officer Richard P Scherer as "Officer Bill". The book showed what "Officer Bill" might do day to day.

In 1990 the Kingston Police Department met all of the requirements set by the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Council. The City of Kingston Police Department became one of the first accreditated agencies in the State of New York. The police department has held that title since.

"Kingston has always been a Godfearing and law abiding community - and exceptionally so - but at the time of the establishment of the new police force, the Delaware and Hudson Canal terminated in Rondout, the downtown portion of the city. The canal boats delivered large quantities of coal which was transferred to schooners and barges for shipment to larger cities. A large number of men were employed for this work. They were of the rough and ready type and were not used to police regulation. The young officers of the newly appointed force met with considerable resistance from these men when it was necessary to arrest them for minor infractions of the law. There were many battles after which the prisoner was laid up of repairs and the officers found it necessary to purchase new coats, trousers and helmets." Police Chief J Allan Wood (1936) describing the early days of the Kingston Police Department

All old style patches that are either no longer used or never were used (ordered by the department, but not approved by the Chief) can be seen here.

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Some quick facts about some of the above retired patches:

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If you have any other information in regards to the Kingston Police Department's history, please email me and I'll include it in my page. I will give appropriate credit.

In addition to collecting Kingston and Rondout NY breweriana, I collect Kingston police memorbilia and "Kingston Police" patches from other departments. (Let me know if you have a "Kingston" patch, I'm still looking for one or two that I don't have. I may be willing to trade for it or buy it.) I hope to add a page of other "Kingston Police Departments" patches in the future.  

I'm continually adding new info and photos to this page, so please check back frequently!!!

Updated February 5th 2003