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Senior Year Continued

Yaa, Dave Dykes, and Sarah Cline

Steve Freeze, Brad Davis, and Alex Feulner

Marissa finds a closer spot while out for lunch

Me and Meredith hanging out at Yaa's house


Becca, Bob and Yaa hang out in a parking lot...yeah, it's a terrible picture =)

Marissa and Jess

Yaa and Meredith

Becca throws a stick at Bob while he's swingingBecca throws a stick at Bob while he's swinging


My homeroom

Public Affairs

Becca, Yaa, me, and Bob walk around a flower bed for fun

Yaa and I prepare Alia's present just before I go into work

Alia's going away party =(

Becca and I sit in Bob's car while at the drive in

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