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Sophomore Year

201 Suite Girls Two trays of ice, bad girls and guys who can't believe their luck

Girls More cuteness by the 201 girls

Girls Kate, Jess and Alex on the first day back

Scott and girls Alexandra and Jess hang all over Scott...and are so thrilled about it! Just check out their faces!

Boys James, Ken, Ryan, Sean, Paul and Brett



Jason Jason stops by to say hello

Poof Jess points out the poof Kate sports late at night

Ken Ken saves the day!

Ken and Brett

Scale How much does James weigh?

Poker night Sean, Paul, and Brett play poker

Door Melinda and I stand outside Mandi's door

Door Melinda, Mandi, and James pose by the suite door

Pose Kate, Ken, Brett and James pose in Paul's room

Mixed drinks Mandi and Meghan prepare strawberry daquaris

Party Brett, Mandi, Meghan and James show just how much fun Saturday night can be

Shots Trading Spaces is so much more interesting after a few shots

Young Kate The things you discover about your roommate!

Girls 201 suite goes bowling

Beside the car Kate, Meghan and Melinda wait patiently outside for the bowling alley to open

Jessica Only Jessica would willingly call her father to talk after a few drinks ;)


More games

Tap Tap Tap What a freaky night!

Volleyball We totally kicked their butts!

Thursday night Melinda and Mandi get ready to go out

Underage Thursday nights are only fun once the drunk over 21 crowd returns...poor us =(

Paul But it does get better once they return ;)

More fun Drunk people also tend to run around naked!


Girls and James The suite and our suite bitch

Friday Night This is what happens when someone has an assignment to video tape a rowdy crowd!

Bouncing Kate and Meghan go bouncing off the walls again...whoooa!

Kate and I Kate and I pose by our car on our trip to Corning

Bathroom Meghan and Kate get ready to go out

Me I get ready to go out =)

Meghan and I Meghan and I pose in the bathroom

Party Girls Too bad Jess' dog was so ill and she had to go home!

Sunny's It's amazing what a little makeup can do

Rules The rules of the 201 suite

Wacky Olympics

Courney as the Statue of Liberty


Spy We really are still kids with great imaginations and plenty to keep us entertained...especially if Brett is having a girl stay in his room!

Meghan's Birthday

Paul's Birthday


Applebees 201 using up our winning gift certificates!

Calling Sean Jess calls Sean at work while Sean and I smile at the camera

Christmas Group