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Semester Two of Freshman Year

Jessica's Birthday

Jess upset? Why is Jess using that finger at a bookfair!

Snow First snow fall of of course we have to take advantage of the situation.

Snow Ball It's fight time!

After A random action shot of the aftermath.

Group Here we are inside the lobby with snow melting off us into little puddles on the floor. At least it was fun! :)

Stairs Coming in from the cold and up to our rooms.

Roasting Marshmellows Here's a fun picture showing you what Jess and I did the five days before classes started!

Melinda This girl is such a sweetheart...thank God she got away from her awful roommate!

At the apartment Just hanging out at Jess and James' new apartment.

After Brunch Sean, Jess and I after brunch one Sunday morning.

Desk Kate and I sitting night desk.

Posed Jess and I pose for the camera...however we are too lazy to move from our seats.

Buffalo News Kids Day Who wouldn't get up at 5 am just to stand in the freezing cold and sell newspapers to grouchy adults driving to work?

Andrea and Jess Hanging out watching the Golden Globe Awards.

Game Nights

Allison and Tim My new ra and her boyfriend!

Muddafukka A shot of Bahama Mama- $1.25 each, a six pack of Mike's-$7, a four pack of mud slides- $4.99, watching your roommate get drunk for the first time- priceless, mudda fukka

Just Dyed Here's a pic of me and Jess when we got back from Christmas break, right after we dyed our hair.

Birthday Jess, Melinda, Allison and I decorated Sean's room for his b-day. Here's a behind the scenes shot of the action!

In the Lobby Sean, Paul, Mandi, Andrea and Jess posing all cute-like by the calendar.

Swimming Allison, me, Katie, Mandi and Hilary styling our HOT bathing suits in the locker room!

Me and My Ball Meet my ball, Devin!

Ball Fun Now meet Devin's friends, Warren and Paul!

More Ball Fun Just hanging out with our boys! =)

Milton Cynthia and her monkey friend

Jess on the Couch Jess looking sexy like always!

Fredfest Katie, Paul, Mandi and Melinda pose for a quick pic during Fredfest

All dressed up Melinda, Jess, and I after the usher banquet!

Jess' Graduation She's finally graduated!

Jess and James James shows his support

Pretty Jess looking all pretty!

Bio Geeks Yeah, Tim and I are nerds...who got a 99 in bio?

Match Allison's hair matches Jess' semi-formal dress

Fun Mandi, Paul and Jess let loose cuz it's the last week of school =)

Celebrate.....good times, come on!