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Holly and Ken

Ken and I at his company party.

Ken and I at Dairy Week carnival in Cuba
Cuddling and watching the 2006 Winter Olympics
The 'Just Woke Up' look
Ken and I on graduation day
Ken & I sitting on Yaa's futon
We go to Uno Pizzaria for dinner

Ken and I on a Ferry on the Boston Harbor.

You would think I have had enough of this place!
Ken and I lean in together and look stupid
Ken and I go bowling...and take a picture
Ken took this picture
Some nice old lady took this picture
Ken and I at Denny's

Ken and I take on Apple Fest in Missouri
Oh look! It's Ken and I again
Shower Stool
Ken and I's us again

Our trip to the Buffalo Zoo
Ken with the giraffes
Me with the polar bears

One of the first pictures taken of the two of us.