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You Know You Go To Fredonia State When...

1) You use the tunnel because it's raining, and when you come out, it's snowing.

2) You go to Wal-Mart at least once a week.

3) There are multiple lakes scattered on the sidewalk.

4) The trees are so in line, you look at one and the rest disappear.

5) The guy you like has a boyfriend.

6) You know everyone on a first name basis, and walk into their rooms uninvited.

7) You know what Scummy’s is.

8) 3-digit number + Central = Party

9) An RA plays Taboo with you and your friends, and when given the clue "What we have in our dorms", she shouts "RATS!" "MICE!" "LADYBUGS!" "ANTS!" "SPIDERS!"

10) The windows somehow seem bigger than the rooms.

11) The number one cause of death is being carried off by the wind.

12) The buildings were somehow built backwards.

13) Water comes OUT of the drains.

14) The water tastes like pennies.

15) You go to LoGrasso because you have a bad cough and they offer you a pregnancy test.

16) You go to LoGrasso because your pregnant and they offer you a band-aid.

17) You can’t even get the CAMPUS radio station tuned in.

18) You wake daily at 6:00am to the garbage truck.

19) You’ve ever waved into the Fredonia WebCam while your friend watches online.

20) You got moldy balogna out of a vending machine.

21) You’ve ever not answered the door when fire inspection comes around.

22) Some food somewhere has made you sick.

23) You drink alcohol out of the university police mugs given to you at freshman seminar.

24) You can get across the border with alcohol, but not out of the Fredonia State parking lot.

25) The sinks in the bathrooms pee more than you do.

26) You go to do your dishes and find buckets of spaghetti in the sink.

27) You use umbrellas in the snow.

28) OR you have given up using umbrellas, because you know once the wind is done with you, you'll be soaking wet anyway.

29) Every person that walks out of any building screams, "DAMN...IT'S SO COLD!!"

30) You'll gun someone down for 24 hour parking space.

31) The Rape Van is a good thing.

32) You know that the food you are about to eat is going to make you sick, and yet...

33) Midnight pizza is best kind.

34) When one day of the week the special is chicken fingers, the next day is chicken rings, the next day is chicken dinosaurs, the next day is chicken tenders and the next day is chicken patty....