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Living In Buffalo

I met New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton.
I met Senator Hillary Clinton at the Artspace press conference.

Now here's a collection of other Buffalo pictures. The newest are on the bottom.

Me by Niagara Falls
Ken and I visit Fort Erie Canada
Ken gets into Andrea's pool
Andrea goes swiming
Ken tries to go swimming
Andrea and I sit in a karaoke bar
Me again
Ken figures out my new digital camera =)
Palestine Park at the Chautauqua Institution
Ken sits at his computer
Ken comes home
Yaa comes to visit!
Baby Chucky This one is a little creepy so if you are easily scared maybe you shouldn't look at this picture!
Me by the Niagara River
Mystery Machine If you look closely you can see that it says Mystery Machine in the back window.
Turkeys I'm not sure why I found this so amusing...
More Turkeys ...maybe it's because I was on my way to work and looking for a laugh.
November 8, 2004 First snow of the season.

CSI NY State Sheriff's Crime Scene Unit comes to the Kenan Center
Jess Stanley
Jess & I
Ken and Pepsi?!? The things Ken will sacrifice for Star Wars!
New York City Pictures
Deer Living so close to the highway and shopping area this came a surprise out our window!
Batting Cage This is quite painful the first few times, but once you get used to it, it's so much fun!
Me painting
Jess Stanley and I in Michaels
Yaa opens her Christmas present made by me!
New Years Eve 05

Ken's Birthday
Ken's Birthday Present
Cakes! Check out all the cakes I've made in my cake decorating class!
Making Pizza
Fondant Fun! Seriously...this stuff is so cool!

ASG Company Party April, Jess, and me
Ken gets down on the dance floor

Jess & Sean's Wedding
Damn Bird Just ask to hear the story of this annoying little bugger!
Fran & I at Dairy Week Festival in Cuba

Watkins Glen Gorge
This is what happens when we get bored and my knee-high gets a run
Ken & Will

Grandma's 80th Birthday
Grandma, a neice and mom jump in front of the food line
Random room shot

Grant Family Reunion
Entire group
Me and dad

My birthday cake
All you can eat wing party at Hooters Jen, me, Jess, Josh, Debbie, and Peter...Ken took the picture. Good times!

Mom, grandma and Ken at Cuba's Garlic Festival
My trip to Alabama
Buffalo Bills game October 1
October 12, 2006 Our October Surprise...first snow fall of the year >:0

Ken and Mom try to put a puzzle together
Pretty rainbow
What Ken's and my son will look like According to the Dave & Busters Gene Machine!