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"A League with (Positive) Attitude"



pf Jeffrey Joseph 10pts
sf Brad Mitchell 14pts
c Korey Riley 20pts
sg Jamal Peters 0 pts
pg James Williams 24 pts
Mike Marello 0pts
Remington Laboy 8pts
Joe Mcentee 6pts
DJ Williams 3pts

All Yonkers Warriors had a hard fought battle with the Connecticutt Magic. Going into the half tied at 37a piece. The Warriors went on a 14 - 2 run to open the half. From that point on they never looked back pushing their lead to as high as 25 points. The Warriors were led by the dynamic duo of Captain James Williams and center Korey Riley who combined for 44 of the Warriors pts. Added to that was the solid play of Jeffrey Joseph who did all the right things at exactly the right time. DJ Williams and Remington Laboy debuted as Warriors today combining for 11pts. The Warriors set a team record with 8 three pointers in one game.


pf Jeffrey Joseph 4pts
sf Brad Mitchell 18pts
c Korey Riley 1pts
sg Jamal Peters 1 pts
pg James Williams 12pts
Mike Marello DNP
Remington Laboy 9pts
Joe Mcentee DNP
DJ Williams 13pts

After a long day the Warriors fell short in this one to the Hawks. The game never started off on the right foot as the Warriors suffered an injury within the first 3 minutes which side lined Jamal Peters for the rest of the game. The constant foul trouble which caused center Korey Riley sit for more than half the game also payed its toll on the Warriors defense and rebounding. The Warriors were trailing 34 - 33 at the half. Warriors jumped out quickly in the second half but when Korey Riley got into foul trouble again they slowly lost momentum. The game got worse as captain James Williams suffered an injury to his leg which sidelined him for the majority of the last crucial minutes of the game. Brad Mitchell had the bulk of the scoring for the Warriors as he tied his season high with 18pts. Newly acquired Warrior DJ Wiliams just set his personal high as a Warrior with 13.